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Responding to humanitarian emergencies in West and Central Africa - Consolidated Appeal 2010


Dakar, Senegal, 4 December 2009 - The humanitarian community presented today the Consolidated Appeal (CAP) for West Africa 2010 to the donor community.

• UNICEF has a total of 48 projects in the CAP 2010 for West Africa , and the amount being requested is $US 73,390,924. (just over 73 million dollars). 

 CAP 2010 West Africa
Download it here

• Within the context of sudden emergency, or so called ‘silent’ emergency, these projects are designed to prevent disease, secure the health of children through health and nutrition interventions, provide education, ensure clean water and proper sanitation while also protecting women and children, always the most vulnerable in emergencies.

• There are also funding requests to improve capacity to cope with catastrophic events and mitigate their immediate effects for the most vulnerable in affected populations.

• The amount requested this year for UNICEF is a dramatic increase on last year when we had 34 projects at an estimated cost of $47,359,528. (just over 47 million dollars)

• The increase in requested funding of 26 million dollars reflects the increased vulnerability of children in this region.

• We know from research models conducted by the UNICEF Regional Office that in Ghana alone some 235,000 children moved deeper into poverty as a result of the global food and financial shocks over the past two years. The limited capacity of people to look after themselves and their children has been markedly reduced.

• UNICEF has a key coordinating role in the areas of nutrition, water and sanitation and the protection of children in emergencies and all these sectors as well as others such as health and education are requesting funds so that governments and partners are better trained and better able to cope.

• There is also a need to ensure that we have the stocks and ability to respond effectively to ensure that emergencies do not become disasters for the most vulnerable, who are always the children,  and that any consequences such as loss of education are kept to a minimum.

Humanitarian appeals for Central Africa
 Central African Republic
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CAP 2010
Download it here 

West Africa
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Central African Republic
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