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C4D and Child Survival

Regional Meeting on
C4D and Child Survival
Dakar, 8-11 April 2008

UNICEF's Meeting on Communication for Development and Child Survival in West and Central Africa brought together three groups of people to plan large-scale, long-term communication strategies:   

  • programme communication specialists from all country offices in the region,
  • child survival specialists from selected country offices, the regional office and headquarters, and
  • communication for development practioners, specializing in areas such as community radio, theatre for development or large-scale community-based programming. 

Together, these groups exchanged viewpoints and planned strategies focusing on four key household behaviours:  hand washing, breast feeding, sleeping under and insecticide-treated net and treating diarrhea with oral re-dydration therapy.

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Download the Report [PDF - 373 KB]

Workshop Papers

Powerpoint Presentations
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  1. Communication for Development in UNICEF [675 Kb]
    Presented by UNICEF NY C4D Team

  2. Situation Analysis:  Programme Communication in West & Central Africa [121 KB]
    Presented by Neil Ford

  3. Communication – One Name, One Activity [66 KB]
    Presented by Nora Godwin

  4. Journée Survie de l’enfant (JSE) dans le Contexte de la Stratégie d’accélération de la Survie et du Développement du Jeune Enfant (SASDE) – Tambacounda, Senegal [750 KB]
    Presented by Fofana Amady

  5. Integrated Maternal and Child Health Campaign in Ghana [170 KB]
    Presented by Feorgina Amidu

  6. Results from the Follow-Up Consultation on Polio/EPI Indicators [79 KB]
    Presented by Paryss Kouta

  7. Participatory Action Research on Avian Influenza Communication  in West Africa [509 KB]
    Presented by Neil Ford

  8. UNICEF  Programme on  Pandemic Prevention &  Preparedness [866 KB]
    Presented by Ketan Chitnis

  9. RMT Action Points [17 KB]
    Presented by Barbara Bentein

  10. Community Partnerships for Health Related MDGs [2.6 MB]
    Presented by Rudolf Krippenberg & Geneviève Begkoyian

  11. Regional Strategy:  Programme Communication for Child Survival in West and Central Africa [137 KB]
    Presented by Neil Ford

  12. Hygiene &Sanitation Promotion [1.25 MB]
    Presented by Therese Dooley

  13. Experience de la RD.Congo en Communication pour les Programmes [1.67 MB]
    Presented by Mariam Kanamoko

  14. ‘Best’ Practices in Community Engagement Strategies [778 KB]
    Presented by Elies Miller

  15. MMD pour Améliorer la Santé Familiale [548 KB]
    Presented by Fatma Zenou (CARE Niger)

  16. Le Visa - Une Stratégie Novatrice de Commnication pour Changement de Comportement [451 KB]
    Presented by Medical Care Development International

  17. Développement Mené par la Communauté [1.96 MB]
    Presented by Issa Saka (Tostan)

  18. Programme Communication for Child Survival and Development (CSD) – Who Can Help Us? [1.48 MB]
    Presented by Günter Heidrich

  19. La Communication Participative pour le Développement par l’Expression Théâtrale [1.28 MB]
    Presented by Prosper Kompaore

  20. Programme Communication in Nigeria - Results To Date and the Way Forward [3.55 MB]
    Presented by Nance Webber 

  21. Child Survival - A Global Overview [1.96 MB]
    Presented by Geneviève Begkoyian

  22. Programme Communication for Child Survival - Group Work Assignments [99 KB]
    Presented by Neil Ford





Meeting Report

Download the C4D and Child Survival
Meeting Report

(PDF documents require Acrobat Reader to view.)

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