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Gambia: 24 communities to say 'No' to female genital cutting/mutilation

Media Advisory

What: 24 communities in zones 3 and 4 of the Upper River Region in northern Gambia will be hosting the first in a series of community-led Declarations for the abandonment of female genital cutting/mutilation (FGC/M) in The Gambia, with support from the Government of The Gambia, UNICEF and Tostan

Who: 24 communities from the Upper River Region

Where: Basse in the Upper River Region

When: Saturday 13th June  - Media Panel (Madina Koto)
Sunday 14th June - Declaration Ceremony (Darsilameh Mandinka)

Why: Globally, an estimated 100 – 140 million girls and women have undergone FGC/M and more than 3 million girls will potentially go through this procedure every year within the African continent alone.

FGC is practiced in about 28 African countries and The Gambia is among the countries with the highest prevalence at 78 per cent among women 15 – 49 years. The practice rate is even higher in the Upper River Region, at 99 per cent (MICS 2005/6).

FGC has been linked to serious physical and mental health risks for girls and women including complications at child birth, maternal deaths, infertility, urinary incontinence, infection and tetanus amongst others.

The Declaration aims to provide a platform for a public abandonment of the practice by communities in the Upper River Region.

For more information, please contact:

Alison Parker, Communication Specialist, UNICEF Gambia , Tel: 220-449-4760 (Ext - 240)
Bakary Tamba, Programme Coordinator, Tostan Gambia, Tel: 220 566 9227



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