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Nigeria making progress towards polio eradication goal
Nigeria is on the last lap towards polio eradication with tremendous progress over the past two years but the battle is not yet over.


Strained resources for Ivoirian refugees and their hosts in Liberia
Two months into the political crisis that followed the presidential elections, 38,000 refugees have crossed the border into Liberia from neighbouring Cote d'Ivoire, and a continuous flow of people continues to arrive daily.

©UNICEF/Cote d’Ivoire/2011/Asselin

Cote d'Ivoire: Action in gridlock
Political stalemate may continue in Cote d'Ivoire but UNICEF's work to reach those children most affected has been stepped up while also trying to meet the needs amongst a population under pressure.

UNICEF Congo/2010/Asselin

Racing against a deadly polio outbreak in Congo
In the Republic of Congo, UNICEF and partners are racing to immunize everyone, young and old to halt an explosive polio outbreak that left 200 dead.

courtesy WB/Sellen

Benin, under water
This rainy season is "way beyond normal". In the last three weeks, floods have inundated two-thirds of Benin's territory, claiming 46 lives and affecting over 700,000 people.


'Cholera came here': Daoundala's Story
Cameroon is in the grip of its worst cholera outbreak in 20 years. More than 500 people have died, and thousands have become ill. Families are paying the ultimate price for the lack of safe water and sanitation. Daoundala's family is one of them.


Chad: it's time to act!
In Chad, there are all the signs of a deep hunger crisis. UNICEF is scaling up its response to provide life-saving treatment for over 102,000 severely malnourished. It's time to act.


Rolling back malnutrition in Chad
In Chad, 2 million people are in need of food. This year's lean season is hardest than usual. More than 102,000 severely malnourished children will need life-saving treatment. UNICEF and partners know what to do to save the lives of children at risk.

By their own hands, Healthy villages save lives
About 100,000 children die each year of diarrhea in the DR Congo because of low access to safe drinking water and sanitation. It's an everyday silent emergency to which communities are responding through the "healthy village" programme.

Indigenous rights in Central African Republic
Aka Pygmies of the Central African Republic are hunter-gatherers indigenous to Central African rainforests. Because of their short stature and distinct lifestyle, they have historically suffered marginalization and discrimination by other ethnic groups.


Childhood on the smiling coast
The Gambia is one of the smallest and more stable African countries. But stability has not carved into progress. Poverty translates into an estimated 7,000 needless child deaths and 360 maternal deaths every year.

UNICEF/Cote d'Ivoire/2009/Gangale

Aicha, polio, and the rest of her life
The story behind Cote d'Ivoire's first case of polio in 4 years.


Nigeria's water and sanitation challenge
Safe water and sanitation are vital for public health and for human rights. Yet in Nigeria, despite the country's wealth, an estimated 335,000 children die annually of water-borne diseases.

©UNICEF Sierra Leone/2009/Andersson

Fighting for survival - seven years on
Seven years after the end of the civil war, children in Sierra Leone are still fighting for their survival. Unfortunately, even with peace, children still need protection from clear and present threats.


Challenging number 6 - Childhood in Mali
Mali is working hard to improve life for children. The country is 6th from bottom on the child survival index. 8 out of 10 children face severe deprivation, especially in housing and education.


Worst meningitis outbreak in five years
West Africa is facing the worst meningitis outbreak for five years. In Niger alone, there have been 11,600 cases and 472 deaths in the year to April.


Suzanne's labour
Suzanne is a UNICEF trained midwife at a rural clinic 150 kms outside Cameroon´s capital. Here 1000 mothers die for every 100,000 live births. In her world there is much death amongst new life.


Where every day is Malaria Day
Malaria kills a child somewhere in the world every 30 seconds. Most are in Africa. Nigeria alone has a quarter of all the cases on the continent. The cost is huge in lives, health expenditure and days lost at work or school.

53 million children under 5 in 8 West African countries is the target in a massive polio immunization campaign

Vaccinating 53 million children against polio
53 million children under 5 in 8 West African countries is the target in a massive polio immunization campaign.


Emergency response in Daha, south-eastern Chad
Since mid-January 2009, thousands of refugees fleeing fighting in the Central African Republic have arrived to Daha, south-eastern Chad, and many are ill due to exhaustion, hygiene related diseases and malnutrition.


Living with AIDS in the Central African Republic
More than six percent of the population, mainly women and children, are living with HIV and AIDS in CAR, one of the Africa’s highest prevalence rate. No ante-retroviral drugs, counseling and testing services are available upcountry.

Child poverty in the Republic of Congo
Poverty is widespread in Congo. And children pay the brunt: 54 per cent of children versus 47 per cent of adults currently live under the poverty line, with less than 2 USD per day in this central African oil producer country striving to consolidate peace


Goodwill Ambassador Joel Madden in CAR
In the Central African Republic, Goodwill Ambassador Joel Madden of the rock band Good Charlotte visited UNICEF projects to learn about the challenge of clean water and water borne diseases and performed impromptu concerts for children.

UNICEF/Sierra Leone/2007/Savage

The challenge of girl's education in Sierra Leone
Girls access to education is improving in Sierra Leone. Parity is almost observed in primary school, but retention and completion of education remain a challenge with high drop out rate for girls and low enrolment in secondary school.


Tackling child malnutrition
Malnutrition is devastating. In West and Central Africa, one million child deaths each year are associated to malnutrition. Tackling child malnutrition requires to protect, promote and support optimal infant and young child feeding practices.

Handwashing with soap: the single-most cost-effective health intervention
Handwashing with soap is among the most effective and inexpensive ways to avert child deaths. In West ad Central Africa alone, making this simple practice an entrenched habit could save about half a million children each year.

UNICEF/Sierra Leone/1998/Pirozzi

Sierra Leone: a risky place to give birth
Sierra Leone has the highest maternal mortality in the world. Despite progress brought by stability after years of conflict mothers face a very high risk of dying while giving birth.


Children and Sanitation in West/Central Africa
A child's perspective on sanitation. The first essay of a series illustrating the state of sanitation in West and Central Africa on the occasion of the International Year of Sanitation.

Supporting breastfeeding in Senegal
Exclusive breastfeeding is a life-saving practice that could contribute significantly to saving hundreds of thousands of lives. In Senegal, training health staff and peer groups is empowering women to give optimal breastfeeding to their newborns.

Child’s View – Picturing malaria in Liberia



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