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Facts and Figures: Water and Sanitation in the region

© UNICEF/ G. Pirozzi
© UNICEF / G. Pirozzi

2008 is the International Year of Sanitation
Sanitation and hygiene are key to child survival, development and growth. Improved sanitation has yet to reach 2.6 billion people in the developing world – almost 980 million of which are children under 18 years old. The result is not surprising and yet it is shocking: millions of children die each year from preventable diseases.


Case studies

Scaling Up Sanitation and Hygiene Promotion : the case of Kadadaba (Nigeria) [PDF]

Communit-Led Total Sanitation (CLTS) in Nigeria - a case study [PDF]


Western Africa Sanitation Summary Sheet 2006 [PDF]

Central Africa Sanitation Summary Sheet 2006 [PDF]

Statistics: Water, Sanitation and Health in West and Central Africa [PDF]

Côte d'Ivoire - Contributing to rural water supply sustainability [PDF]

Côte d'Ivoire - Improving water and sanitation facilities in rural health centers [PDF]

Niger - Eau, Hygiène et Assainissement (WASH): quel impact pour l'enfant, quel impact sur le développement [PDF]

Niger - Fiche d'information sur l'eau, l'hygiène et l'assainissement [PDF]

Niger - Partenariat avec Rotary Belgique pour la fourniture d'eau au Niger [PDF]

Nigeria - Factsheet on water, sanitation and hygiene in Nigeria [PDF]

Regional Maps

Drinking water sources coverage
Taux de couverture en sources d'eau potable 

Sanitation Coverage
Taux de couverture en assainissement

Background documents [PDF]

UNICEF/WHO Joint Monitoring Programme for Water Supply and Sanitation
Improved Drinking Water (Coverage Estimates)

Joint Monitoring Programme for Water Supply and Sanitation
Coverage Estimates: Improved Sanitation






•Water and sanitation overview 
•Access to water
•Sanitation and hygiene
•Defining improved facilities 

The sanitation and water ladders

•Trends on access to water
•Trends on sanitation practices 

Towards MDG 7
•Where the region stands on the water target
•Where the region stands on the sanitation target

Photo essay

Photo essay series on sanitation in the Region

[View photo essay]

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