#Covid19Diaries: Bringing young people together during the pandemic

While physically distancing, young people share words of encouragement with their peers through video diaries

Zara Chitou
Young boy holds phone up to take a selfie with u-reporter
16 April 2020

With 64% of its population under the age of 24, West and Central Africa is the region with one of the highest proportions of young people in the world. As the Covid-19 pandemic increasingly affects countries in the region, its youth has found itself facing a new reality. 

With coronavirus-related movement restrictions, school closures and physical distancing, young people have taken to social media to build a movement of peer-to-peer solidarity that transcends geographical boundaries. The #Covid19Diaries are 1-minute video testimonies shot by young people themselves in an effort to fight anxiety resulting from confinement and share the steps they are taking to protect themselves and their close ones. 

The #Covid19Diaries are available on @unicefafrica's twitter, instagram and facebook accounts.