WASH Severity Classification

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WASH Severity Classification


WASH Severity Classification 

The absence of a recognized and standardized framework to transform complex data into actionable information has become a bottleneck in decision-making processes for the Water, Sanitation, and Hygiene (WASH) sector. To remedy this, a novel WASH Severity Classification system (WSC) has been recently developed, but not externally reviewed, that classifies the severity and drivers of WASH needs based on established standards1 . The WSC creates a severity score by combining quantitative data (including the WASH Insecurity Score (WIS)) and qualitative data (including expert judgment and consensus).


Suggested Citation: Bedrosian N, D’Mello Guyett L, Mitchell E, and Lantagne D. 2021. Review of WASH Severity Classification          System: Main Report. Tufts University.

Authors: Noah Bedrosian, Lauren D’Mello Guyett, Elizabeth Mitchell, and Daniele Lantagne

Photo Credit: REACH - Initiative

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