Reaching out to partners in the time of COVID-19: Education

Young girl in sitting at her desk in class while wearing a mask against COVID-19


Prior to the COVID-19 pandemic, many countries in Africa, including those in West and Central Africa (WCA), were seeing a gradual economic growth, with positive progress on human development. With the disruption of learning opportunities for over 128 million students (pre-primary to upper secondary education) in the region due to COVID-19’s temporary school closure, plus 41 million (primary and lower secondary) who had previously been out-of-school, the gains made in education in both access and quality are at great risk of being lost.

As some countries are gradually reopening schools, the right combination of strategies and policies is required to build back the Education sector better. There is an urgent need to invest in education now, more than ever, to mitigate the pandemic’s effects and ensure that all children, including the most vulnerable and those who are out-of-school, can continue learning in a safe and protected environment.

Two young girls at school sitting on the ground

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