Reaching out to partners in the time of COVID-19: Children On the Move

Mother and her children sitting on the floor at a displacement camp


As of May 2020, there are an estimated 9.3 million children on the move in West and Central Africa (WCA), including 5.9 million internally displaced children,1 1.1 million refugee children2 and 2.2 million children migrating internationally.3 The current COVID-19 pandemic could have a disproportionate impact on children on the move in the region, if they are not included in response and post-pandemic recovery plans. Not including this particularly vulnerable group would be a gross neglect of the collective engagement to the Sustainable Development Goals (SDG s) and “leaving no child behind”, the UN’s principle to achieve the post-2030 Agenda.

The COVID-19 pandemic and related restriction measures will have a profound impact on societies and economies globally, and in WCA in particular. In the midst of the current crisis and its lingering effects, children, adolescents and young people are our hope. This young generation, if well supported, could play a central role in reconstructing their countries which will limit their exposure to unsafe migration.

Young boy carrying water buckets in both hands

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