Reaching out to partners in the time of COVID-19: Nutrition

Baby looks at camera while being fed with a sppon


Of all children globally, 11 per cent live in West and Central Africa (WCA), a region that also bears 20 per cent of the global burden of childhood stunting, with 32.7 per cent of children under five stunted. This alarming figure underlines the scale of the malnutrition challenge that children in the region already faced prior to the pandemic. As a result of COVID-19 and expanded food insecurity, coupled with multiple vulnerabilities, the regional malnutrition caseload is projected to increase further. Disruption of nutrition services to children, even in the short term, could have irreversible effects on child survival and growth.

UNICEF calls for actions to support the governments in developing innovative, COVID-19-proof solutions to maintain and accelerate the nutrition programme delivery for children.

Mother wearing a mask against Covid-19 and feeding her daughter

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