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Water, Sanitation and Hygiene


UNICEF works with a wide range of partners in the area of water and sanitation. Below is selection of some of these, and other institutions, agencies or services active in the sector.

(These links open in a new window and will take you to a non-UNICEF web site.)

AusAID Water pages

BPD Water and Sanitation: a world-wide network of partners involving government, donors, business and civil society 

DFID Environment, Water and Sanitation pages

EHP: USAID’s Environmental Health Project 

EPA: US Enviromental Protection Agency (Office of Water)

EUWI: The EU Water Initiative

FAO: United Nations Food and Agriculture Organization (Land and Water Development Division

FRESH: Focusing Resources on Effective School Health site (a joint initiative by UNICEF and partners) 

Gender and Water Resource Guide (hosted by UNDP)

GWP: Global Water Partnership

Practical Action formerly ITDG: Intermediate Technology Development Group (publisher of the sectoral journal Waterlines

IWA: International Water Association

International Office for Water 

IRC: International Water and Sanitation Centre. Host of WASH in Schools and publishes the newsletter Notes and News. Host of WASH in Schools and publishes the newsletter Notes and News.

JMP : The website of the WHO/UNICEF Joint Monitoring Programme (JMP) for Water and Sanitation - access a wealth of information on populations' use of improved drinking water and sanitation, and the monitoring of the water and sanitation target of MDG 7.

LSHT&M: The London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine (host of the WELL Resource Centre)

MWA: Millennium Water Alliance

Millennium Development Goals (MDGs Web Site, Millennium Project, Task Force on Water and Sanitation)

RWSN: Rural Water Supply Network (formerly HTN - hosted by SKAT)

SANDEC: Department for Water and Sanitation in Developing Countries at the Swiss Federal Institute for Environmental Science and Technology 

SKAT: Swiss Centre for Development Cooperation in Technology and Management (host of RWSN)

Sustainable Sanitation Alliance (SuSanA)

UN-DESA: United Nations Department of Economic and Social Affairs (Division for Sustainable Development)

UNDP: United Nations Development Programme Water Governance site

UNEP: United Nations Environment Programme (GEMS/Water Programme, Freshwater)

UNESCO: United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (water portal)

UNIFEM: United Nations Development Fund for Women

UNU: United Nations University (International Network on Water, Environment and Health)

UN Water


WSP: Water and Sanitation Program (formerly known as the UNDP-World Bank Water and Sanitation Program) 

The Water Page: A comprehensive independent Web site on water resources with a focus on Africa.

WSSCC: Water Supply and Sanitation Collaborative Council

WEDC: Water, Engineering and Development Centre

WELL: resource centre for promoting environmental health in developing countries (hosted by the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine LSHT&M)

WHO: World Health Organization (Water, Sanitation and Health)

WMO: World Meteorological Organization (Hydrology and Water Resources Programme)

World Bank (Water Supply and Sanitation)

The World Resources Institute 

World Water Council:  4th World Water Forum (Mexico, 2006); 5th World Water Forum (Istanbul 2009)



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