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Water, Sanitation and Hygiene

Groundwater Development

Code of Practice for Cost-Effective Boreholes

Maps of areas appropriate for manual drilling in Africa: final report on the methodologies used and the results obtained.

Technical Note Series on Manual Drilling

  1. The Case for Manual Drilling in Africa [En] [Fr]
  2. Professionalising Manual Drilling in Africa [En] [Fr]
  3. Selection of Well Construction Methods [En] [Fr]
  4. Manual Drilling Techniques [En] [Fr]
  5. Mapping the Potential for Manual Drilling [En] [Fr]

Case Studies

  • The impact of manual drilling for the construction of sustainable water-points in Chad [En] [Fr]
  • Sustainable transfer of manual well drilling to the private sector in Niger [En] [Fr]

Technical Manuals

  1. Professionalizing the Manual Drilling Sector in Africa [En] [Fr]
  2. Financing Options for Low-Cost Well Drillers & Communities for Rural Water Supply [En] [Fr]
  3. Improving Skills of Manual Drilling Enterprises [En] [Fr]
  4. Understanding Groundwater & Wells in Manual Drilling [En] [Fr]
  5. Augering [En] [Fr]
  6. Jetting [En] [Fr]
  7. Percussion [En] [Fr]

Videos for Manual Drilling Promotion




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