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Violence against children

UNICEF photo: Cora Buala, 19, Roxas City, Philippines.


Cora Buala, 19, Roxas City, Philippines.

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Cora Buala grew up in a squatter's camp in Roxas City, in the central Philippines. Her family of six was extremely poor and her father, who drank heavily, occasionally beat her with a stick. With the help of the Christian Children's Fund, Cora was able to attend school. Today she is a university student and also works for Katin Aran, a local NGO teaching young people how to deal with violence. She travelled to New York in May 2006 to participate in the United Nations Secretary-General's Study on Violence against Children.

"Even if it's just as simple as a shout or a hit of a stick, it is still really violence," says Cora.