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Violence against children

UNICEF photo: Garbage scavengers, Pakistan.

© UNICEF/HQ06-0343/Pirozzi

Garbage scavengers, Pakistan.

In work settings
Across all regions, violence – physical, sexual and psychological – affects many millions children who are working, both legally and illegally. It may be used to coerce children to work or punish or control them in the workplace. Some categories of illegal work have been identified as 'worst forms of child labour' and so are considered as violence against children. Most workplace violence is inflicted by employers, although those who inflict violence may also include co-workers, foremen, customers, police, criminal gangs and intermediaries. Many girls work in domestic labour, which is often unregulated. They report maltreatment such as physical punishment, humiliation and sexual harassment. The exploitation of children in prostitution or child pornography is not only a form of violence in itself, it also puts the exploited children at risk of physical and psychological violence, as well as neglect.