What we do

Find out how UNICEF works for the rights of every child, every day, across Viet Nam.

what we do

Better Business for Children

Better Business for Children

UNICEF is engaging the business community with high impact on children by strengthening their knowledge, capacity and commitment to respect and support children’s rights as outlined in the Children’s Rights and Business Principles

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Children and Climate Change 

Children and Climate Change

Responding to climate change and building resilience

UNICEF advocates for national investments in preventing climate change consequences for children.

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Child Protection

Child protection programme

Child safety through protection and inclusion

UNICEF enhances child protection systems to safeguard children and their families from a full spectrum of risks. This includes ensuring every child has a supportive family environment, access to justice and protection from violence, abuse and exploitation.

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Child Survival and Development 

Child Survival and Development

Helping children to survive and thrive

Child mortality has decreased in Viet Nam. UNICEF works to make sure solutions reach all children, everywhere.

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Education is the key to opportunities

UNICEF believes that quality education is a right for all children.

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Integrated Early Childhood Development

Integrated Early Childhood Developement

The earlier the investment, the greater the returns.

Investment in early childhood development is cost effective and yields some of the highest returns to families, societies and countries.

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Social Policy and Governance

Social Policy and Governance

A fair chance for every child.

Ensuring that “no child is left behind” requires breakthrough solutions to fast-track progress towards inclusive and sustainable development for all.

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