16 August 2023

Flying Kites

For the sky, full of flying kites... Children can learn and dream so high! Those are the lyrics in the song "FLYING KITES" composed by Tien Dat and Duy Khoa, which is the theme song of the campaign " A safe, clean and green ASEAN for every child ". It brings to life the desire to send dreams, join hands for change, create a better world so that…, Who can participate in the competition?, In the form of a collective competition, it is open to all primary and secondary schools nationwide (as teams/ groups/ representative classes or school students - aged 6 to 15 years old)., Join the Disaster Risk Reduction flashmob dance competition!, Let’s join hands to build safe schools and sustainable communities against natural disasters and climate change for all children through fun and creative teamwork activities!, Timeline of the competition: , August 15, 2023: The competition launching. September 1 to 30 (4 weeks): Competition opens for video submissions, via Facebook group: Thử thách làm phim '1 phút xanh (‘1-minute green’ video challenge) October 5: The final results will be announced., TOTAL PRIZE VALUE: VND 40 MILLION, Weekly prizes: Total value of VND 8 million. Each week will have: 01 First Prize: Each prize is worth VND 1 million 02 Sub-prizes: Each prize is worth VND 500,000   * Note : The results are based on the total number of interaction points (likes, hearts, comments, shares, in which the share score will double the number of remaining interactions).…, HOW TO JOIN THE COMPETITION:, - Step 1: Schools/classes/groups create and practice their performances: flashmob dances to the song about disaster risk reduction and climate actions - “Flying Kites”. Check out the sample video with moves that have been composed, choreographed, and shared by the organizing committee below: - Step 2: Schools/classes/groups record the flashmob (…, OTHER RULES:, Videos must be rehearsed, recorded, and submitted by the schools/classes/groups themselves. Copyright is enforced. Do not copy other entries. The organizers have the right to use all videos participating in the contest for communication activities with non-commercial purposes. Read more at here to view and download materials on natural disaster…
18 July 2023

The English Speaking Contest on disaster risk reduction and climate actions

Dear beloved students and parents, The English Speaking Contest on disaster risk reduction and climate actions is co-organized by the Vietnam Disaster and Dyke Management Authority (MARD) and the United Nations Children’s Fund (UNICEF) in Viet Nam with the support of the Government of Japan and Amslink English Center., Are you?, A secondary or high school student in Viet Nam. Interested in hot global issues such as disaster prevention and climate change adaptation. Wishing to make a difference by bringing your voice to ASEAN leaders about the contributions of children and adolescents in disaster risk reduction and climate actions. Able to speak English fluently. Sharing…, Join the English Speaking Contest!, Make a difference and let your voice be heard., Objectives, To support the 11th Meeting of the ASEAN Committee on Disaster Management and its side activities during Viet Nam chairmanship in 2023. To disseminate knowledge on disaster risk reduction and climate actions. To raise awareness and strengthen skills for children and the youth in responding to natural disasters and climate change. To create…, Topics, Your perspective on disaster risk reduction and climate actions in Viet Nam and around the world. Your innovative ideas related to disaster risk reduction and climate actions. Your local experience in disaster prediction, prevention and response, to frequently occurring disasters in your area., How to join?, General information Contestants may enter individually or as part of a group (maximum of 2 members). Presentations must be delivered in English. Content you present must discuss the above topics. Preliminary Round The preliminary round will take place online. Entries must be submitted to the Organizing Committee by August 25, 2023, via email at…, Prizes: TOTAL OF 200 MILLION VND WORTH PRIZES, Preliminary Round The first 30 contestants/groups to submit their entries will receive a souvenir gift. Final Round 1st Prize: 4 million VND 3 Second Prizes: 3 million VND/each 3 Third Prizes: 2 million VND/each 3 Consolation Prizes: 1 million VND/each 2 additional prizes will be awarded based on the total number of likes and shares of the…, ARE YOU READY TO JOIN FOR A SAFE, CLEAN, AND GREEN ASEAN FOR ALL CHILDREN?, Contest Launch: July 23-29, 2023 Preliminary Round Entry Submission: July 25-August 25, 2023 (4 weeks) Preliminary Round Results Announcement: September 15, 2023 Online Training for Finalists: September 18, 2023 Final Round and Awards Ceremony in Ha Long City, Quang Ninh Province: October 3, 2023 The Winner will deliver a speech at the 11 th ASEAN…, CONTEST PARTICIPATION GUIDELINES:, Preliminary Round: Who can join? The contest is open to Vietnamese secondary and high school students who reside in Vietnam (ages 12 to 18). There is no limit to the number of entries per contestant. The submission must include the attached entry information form ( English speaking contest entry form here ) Consider the following for innovation:…, SELECTION CRITERIA FOR THE FINAL ROUND, Criteria Sub-criteria Details Maximum Content - Introduction - State the purpose clearly 10 - Problems - State the main ideas 5 - Develop supporting ideas logically 5 - Describe the current problem 5 - Use reliable and relevant data and evidences 5 - Solutions - Clearly define solutions 10 - Conclusion - Summarise the main ideas effectively 10 -…, (*) Additional Prize Scoring:, 1 like or reaction from 1 account = 1 point 1 comment from 1 account = 2 points 1 share from 1 account = 3 points (only valid if shared publicly -> valid for public shares only) The total score is calculated as the sum of points from the Thien Tai The Gioi fan page and Amslink English Center fan page Note: Cheating, such as hacked likes, fake…, Video Format Requirements:, File format: MP4 preferred Maximum length: 3 minutes Aspect ratio: 16:9 (vertical) or 4:3 (horizontal) preferred Resolution: Submit the original video at the highest available resolution (minimum 1280 x 720 pixels). Avoid sending videos via social networks, as this may reduce video quality. #EarlyAction #ForEveryChild #UNICEF #VNDMA
24 May 2023

Over the tipping point

The East Asia and Pacific (EAP) region is one of the most impacted to multiple types of overlapping climate and environmental shocks and stresses, 41% of children in the region face 5 or more shocks, compared to global average of 14%. Climate shocks are increasing in frequency, and interacting with non-climate shocks like the COVID pandemic, the cost-of-living crisis, among others, creating multiplier effects and cascading impacts in the region, leading to a ‘polycrisis’ – a situation with multiple near-simultaneous shocks with strong interdependencies. Other human-driven trends amplify these effects, leading to more shocks, thus creating knock-on effects on several interconnected systems and sectors.  This report unveils the intensifying frequency and compounding effects of climate-related hazards intertwined with non-climate shocks like the COVID-19 pandemic and socio-economic challenges.  Given that children are already facing the impacts of climate change, adaptation and resilience measures are needed now to reduce the full force of impacts. This report recommends three areas to do so:   Children have continued access to the key services they need: This requires investing in climate-smart and disaster-resilient education, health, and water, sanitation and hygiene (WASH) services for children, so that children can access these services despite the shocks they face;   Child protection and social protection systems are in place and are climate-responsive; and   There is understanding of what to expect and how to adjust as necessary, establishing and utilizing strong early warning, risk management and disaster preparedness systems.   In all of this, children and young people must be at the forefront of our actions. Urgency demands that they take action themselves, leading the way with innovative solutions for both mitigation and adaptation. We must support their efforts, providing them with the necessary skills and resources to amplify their work. Above all, we owe them every opportunity for success as we work together to secure a better world for generations to come.
15 March 2023

A look back at ‘Together we act’ communication campaign successes

The innovative media campaign “ Together we act – For a safe, clean and green Viet Nam for every child ” has provided a hit with Vietnamese children nationwide.  The campaign, coordinated by UNICEF in Viet Nam and the Standing Office of the National Steering Committee on Disaster Prevention and Control (NSCDPC), had attracted more than 33,000…, 1. Gameshow "Beat the Internet – Disaster risk reduction and climate actions" , Le Duong Khanh Linh (pictured middle) and Le Ba Minh Nhat (pictured right), 9th graders from Le Do secondary school, Da Nang, participated in the final round of the school-level competition gameshow "Beat Internet”. Le Duong Khanh Linh (pictured middle) and Le Ba Minh Nhat (pictured right), 9th graders from Le Do secondary school, Da Nang,…, 2. Running race "Relaying disasters risk reduction and climate actions - For a safe, clean and green Viet Nam for every child" , More than 2,000 competitors, 1,000 at My Khe beach in central Da Nang and 1,000 virtually, competed in a running race on December 10, 2022 as part of the UNICEF-NSCDPC supported “Together we act – For a safe, clean and green Viet Nam for every child” campaign to raise awareness of disaster preparedness and climate change.  More than 500 students…, 3. 1-MINUTE GREEN VIDEO CHALLENGE “EARLY ACTION WITH CHILDREN- DISASTER RISK REDUCTION AND CLIMATE ACTIONS” ,   Nguyen Viet Nhat loves film making with a mobile phone. Nguyen Viet Nhat loves film making with a mobile phone. The "1-minute green” video challenge proved a hit with children across Viet Nam, with nearly 9,000 videos from youth aged 13-18 received and 24,000 new members only four weeks after the launch of the UNICEF Viet Nam Facebook group.  …