13 November 2023

Open Up & Connect

Many things on your mind? Heavy, confusing, scary things?  Depression, anxiety, sadness?  You’re not the only one feeling this way. You don’t need to do this alone.  Open Up & Connect! Share your feelings! Mental health is our emotional, psychological, and social well-being. It affects how we think, feel and act. It determines our ability to…, Why is mental health important? What can children do about it?, Mental health is important at every stage of life, from childhood and adolescence through to adulthood. Adolescence, especially, is a critical window of opportunity in their development. Poverty, violence, abuse, gender social norms, school pressures, bullying and life stress events can have major impacts on mental health and psychosocial well-…, What makes young people worried or unhappy?, Do you have a friend who seems to be sad, confused, scared, lonely?  They might need your help. You can help. Be kind, be a good friend.   Open Up & Connect! Ask your friend how they are doing. A simple talk will help a lot!  Experiencing mental health issues is normal. Life circumstances affect us in different ways, so it’s normal to not feel…, Open Up & Connect! , Mental health and recommendations for young people Duy's video about mental health Young people are agents of social change. By working with young people, we have the potential to break long cycles of misinformation, stigma, and negative norms around mental health.   > Back to top, Connect, be supportive, Connect, be supportive Your teen looks sad, confused, scared, lonely?  They are not the only ones feeling this way and you can help.   Grab opportunities to Open Up & Connect with your children.  Be proud of them. Acknowledge their efforts.    As we do for our children’s physical health, we also need to nurture, care for and promote child…, Agents of change, Agents of change One of your students looks sad, confused, scared, lonely?  They might be facing mental health issues. You can help.  Open Up & Connect with your students.  Be proud of them. Acknowledge their efforts.  Be supportive. Help students understand that it’s normal to not always be okay. Help them realize they’re not the only ones…
13 July 2023

Girls are Unstoppable

Reducing inequality strengthens economies and builds stable, resilient societies that give all individuals –girls, boys, men, and women – the opportunity to fulfill their potential. Globally, women and girls are bearing the brunt of negative socioeconomic impacts, with unemployment rates affecting women much worse than men.  UNICEF builds…, The power of sport, Women and girls are changing the face of football, and football is changing their lives. Women’s teams have broken a glass ceiling in sports, playing toward their dreams and encouraging millions of girls around the world.   The Vietnam Women’s National Football Team is showing it is possible to reach your dreams. UNICEF Viet Nam congratulates the…, Empowered. United. Unstoppable, Across the board, females participate in sport at a lower rate than males. It’s time to change this and get more girls in the game. Sport provides opportunities for the advancement of girls in the face of gender-related barriers, and it helps increase self-esteem among adolescent girls and boys.  UNICEF Viet Nam “What I like the most is that I can…, Sport for development, "Sport is one of the great human pursuits – a model of teamwork, a platform for individual excellence, a driver of economic growth for all of society. " UN Secretary-General António Guterres  UNICEF Viet Nam Representative Rana Flowers getting a football signed by UN Secretary-General António Guterres at GOUNH, Ha Noi, Oct 2022 UNICEF Viet Nam\…
05 July 2023

UNICEF Viet Nam Key Results 2022

Guided by our 2022-2026 Country Programme 2022-2026 Country Programme , UNICEF contributed to delivering life-saving and life-changing results for children in 2022, with a focus on reaching the most vulnerable. These results were achieved with the support of key bilateral donors, the increasing engagement of the private sector, UNICEF’s Core…, The Situation of Children in 2022, UNICEF Viet Nam Despite Viet Nam's tremendous progress for its children, many of them are still at risk of being left behind. While national numbers of those living in poverty continued to decline, pockets of chronically poor families and those suffering from multi-dimensional poverty remain a key concern in remote rural areas and some ethnic…, 2022 results – Child Survival, Since 2021, UNICEF has procured more than 85 million doses of COVID-19 vaccines and supported efforts to raise awareness about the vaccines. UNICEF supported the Government in strengthening routine child immunization coverage. UNICEF supported awareness-raising and system-strengthening on maternal, newborn and child health and nutrition services.…, 2022 results – Education, Trang, 35, is an award-winning technology teacher in Lao Cai, Viet Nam. She was trained by a UNICEF-supported programme to deliver lessons to her students using tablets, computers and augmented and virtual reality tools. UNICEF/Viet Nam Trang, 35, is an award-winning technology teacher in Lao Cai, Viet Nam. She was trained by a UNICEF-supported…, 2022 results – Child Protection, UNICEF network supported UN Joint Programme to reach more than 20 million people through awareness and behaviour change campaigns to end violence against women and children. UNICEF focuses on supporting the Government to strengthen the child protection regulatory framework, making the justice system more child-sensitive and enhancing the capacity…, 2022 results – Social Protection, UNICEF conducted wide consultations with Government and NGO partners, sharing information and agreeing follow-up steps to the significant recommendations across all child rights areas made by the Committee on the Rights of the Child. UNICEF provided data and research to support the Government to develop more effective, equitable and climate-…, #UNICEFThanks, UNICEF results in Viet Nam were made possible by the generous support of all individuals, corporate donors, foundations, multilateral organizations and governments contributing to UNICEF Core Resources globally, as well as softly earmarked thematic funding received from various partners. UNICEF Viet Nam would like to express its sincere…, UNICEF global reports, On 7th July 2022, girls pose at the entrance to a UNICEF-supported community-based education centre in Hijrat Mina in Bagrami District, Kabul Province, Afghanistan. UNICEF global reports, Read the full report, Dina (9) washing vegetables for lunch with Michelle Castañeda (UNICEF). On March 30, 2023 in Sololá, Guatemala, Core resources for results 2022, Read the full report, The students of Warkak's accelerated learning center in Daikundi Province walk home together over the dusty hills, Afghanistan. Supply Annual Report 2022, Read the full report
06 December 2022

World Children’s Day Campaign 2022: Viet Nam as One Team, For Every Child

Vo Le Thuc Anh, representative of the children in Da Nang. “I really hope that our leaders will continue to provide us with resources and support so that we can experience the simple joys of childhood,” Vo Le Thuc Anh, representative of the children in Da Nang. Amid nonstop cheering sounds and hundreds of children’s eyes on the field, the soccer…, Football without Limits initiative, Beyond this celebration in Da Nang, across Viet Nam, UNICEF’s WCD campaign kickstarted in early November. Soccer balls and engaging resources on the essential role of sport in children’s healthy and development have been shared with thousands of schools and beyond. At schools where this supply had reached, students were surprised, then rejoiced at…, Footballers, celebrities and the private sector join hands with UNICEF, Footballers, celebrities and the private sector teamed up with UNICEF as #OneTeam. With support from Viet Nam Football Federation, players and coach of the national football teams, such as Nguyen Tien Linh, Nguyen Thanh Chung, Nguyen Thi Bich Thuy, Doan Thi Kim Chi, Ho Tan Tai and Que Ngoc Hai, shared their personal sport stories and inspiring…, Youth Advocates call on everyone to be part of One Team, Five youth advocates, with unique stories and different advocacy journeys on mental health, disability, inclusive education, gender equality, ethnic diversity, were invited to the UNICEF Viet Nam office in Hanoi to accompany staff in an array of areas, from child protection to climate change. They joined professional activities, voiced their…
16 November 2022

One Team for Every Child

This World Children’s Day, we have a great opportunity to come together as #OneTeam to achieve results for every child in Viet Nam. Everyone – decision-makers, businesses, individuals, schools and communities – has a role to play when it comes to children. A collective commitment is key to address the widening disparities and critical challenges…, About World Children's Day, What is World Children’s Day? It’s the global day of action for children, by children, marking the adoption of UN Convention on the Rights of the Child the Convention on the Rights of the Child .   When is World Children’s Day? It’s celebrated every year on 20 November to promote children’s rights, as enshrined in UN Convention on the Rights of…, It’s time to come together as #OneTeam!, For every child in Viet Nam to be happy, safe and healthy! For every child to learn skills that better equip them for the future! Get childhood #BackOnTrack To get childhood #BackonTrack , there can only be one team.​ Join us!     🤝 Join us to be part of UNICEF’s #OneTeam, for every child in Viet Nam to be protected and fully developed. Watch our…, Situation of children, Viet Nam has made tremendous progress for its 27 million children over the past several decades. But millions of children – especially migrants, children with disabilities, and from ethnic communities – still face significant and widening disparities. Together, we must fight multidimensional poverty and malnutrition, help catch up on routine…, UNICEF in Action, Advancing children’s rights, driving opportunities, bringing hope, and addressing disparities is what fuels UNICEF’s work every day. And we contribute to Viet Nam’s achievements for children toward the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). Explore these videos to learn more about our work in Viet Nam Driving change for every child in Viet Nam 2022…, Be part of #OneTeam, CHILDREN AND YOUNG PEOPLE CHILDREN AND YOUNG PEOPLE Join our Voices of Youth community and make your voices heard PARENTS PARENTS Help your children get the best start in life  TEACHERS TEACHERS Promote sport for development to build children’s confidence, physical and transferrable skills BUSINESS BUSINESS Innovate and do better business for…, Get inspired!, Watch these videos of our campaign ambassadors and supporters. Get Inspired to be part of the One Team, For Every Child. Major landmarks and buildings in Ha Noi, Ho Chi Minh City and Da Nang City turned blue to mark #WorldChildrensDay across the country.