03 June 2023

Football without Limits

Empowered. United. Unstoppable Girls are changing the face of football, and football is changing their lives. Women and girls are playing toward their dreams and encouraging millions of girls around the world., Girls can do it! , "Sport is one of the great human pursuits – a model of teamwork, a platform for individual excellence, a driver of economic growth for all of society. " UN Secretary-General António Guterres UNICEF Viet Nam Representative Rana Flowers getting a football signed by UN Secretary-General António Guterres at GOUNH, Ha Noi, Oct 2022 UNICEF Viet Nam\…, The power of sport to change children’s lives, football without limits 1 football without limits 2 Football without Limits 4 Football without Limits 5 Football without Limits, SPORT FOR DEVELOPMENT, Sport has the power to change children’s lives. It boosts their self-esteem and helps build essential skills: strategic thinking, teamwork, confidence, contribution, learning to bounce back from defeat, respect and collaboration.  Sport unlocks girls’ power and makes them unstoppable! , YOU WILL LOVE THIS!, Watch these videos of your favorite sport people and get inspired to sport! Sport promotes inclusion, bringing together people from different backgrounds. Sport improves our physical and mental health, helps improve performance at school and builds skills that are essential to equip children for their future.  World Children’s Day 2022 One team…, RESEARCH AND REPORTS, If you are a teacher, a school or your work and decisions can drive positive change for children, check these resources to learn more about the situation and identify how you can make a difference for children. Your action can help improve children’s mental well-being, education, health, while building their transferable skills and competencies.…, PARENTING SKILLS, There’s a lot we can do as parents to promote our children’s bonding, learning and development. Check these parenting resources!     When does learning begin?   Self esteem   The importance of interaction   Human capital