Rapid assessment on Violence against women and children as an impact of Covid-19 crisis and support

UNICEF Viet Nam tender

08 July 2020

The purpose of the rapid assessment is to assess the extent of COVID-19 impacts on children and women’s protection and safety as well as the availability, access and adequacy of protection and response services. In particular, it will investigate how COVID-19 has affected VAWC, including awareness of child abuse and GBV risks, the needs of women, girl and boy victims, reporting of abuse cases, access to help, and to quality and available protection and other support services both in the immediate term during the outbreak as well as in the medium to longer-term, considering the ongoing pressures that families may still be experiencing in the immediate aftermath of the crisis after social distancing measures have been  lifted. The assessment will inform appropriate interventions to prevent and address VAWC in Viet Nam under COVID-19 context in 2020, and to design targeted communication as well as policy advocacy action to ensure the protection and wellbeing of children and women in Viet Nam. It will better inform the works of UNICEF, UNFPA and UN Women to advocate to the Government of Viet Nam and the partners to strengthen the protection of children and women from violence and abuse during and after COVID-19 outbreaks.

Details of the assignment can be found in the Request for proposal LRPS-2020-9159668 and attached Terms of References at link: https://www.ungm.org/Public/Notice/110667

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