An inspiring story from Huyen Trang - UN Volunteer for UNICEF

International Day of Persons with Disabilities

Louis Vigneault-Dubois, Chief of Communication and Advocacy
An inspriting story from Huyen Trang, UNICEF - UNV
04 December 2020

Ha Noi, 3 December 2020 - Huyen Trang is UN Volunteer for UNICEF in Viet Nam. For the past months, she has worked on advancing UNICEF’s mission to promote the rights of children with disabilities. Huyen Trang was born with congenital cataracts and has always lived with visual impairment. Throughout her childhood, she has faced many challenges that every child with disabilities face. Her personal experience makes her better understand the difficulties for children with disabilities to go to school, develop skills, or receive health care services. But she never gave up. With the right support from family, friends and teachers, she was able to develop comprehensively in an inclusive environment.

She joined UNICEF in 2020 as UNV Child Rights Officer because she was inspired by the mandate of protecting children, even in the farthest, hardest to reach areas in order to help vulnerable children. Her job allows her to share her experience and contribute to advance child rights for all vulnerable children in the society, especially children with disabilities. She wants all children with disabilities to feel empower to reach their full potential and be perseverant to overcome challenges in life. Everyone is different, but Huyen Trang doesn’t want children with disabilities to feel alone on that journey. Her success story can also inspire other people out there to believe in their abilities and to achieve big.