Building capacity on child justice and improving of legal framework on child protection in Viet Nam

06/10/2020 | Consultancy Services

07 October 2020

UNICEF is seeking an International Consultancy Institution/team of international consultants to provide specific capacity building support for the Court Academy and Ha Noi Procuracy University in respect of access to justice for children, development of materials and providing advice and inputs to support advocacy efforts related to child and gender justice legal and policy reforms, and improving the legal framework on child protection and social work in Viet Nam.

The consultancy is part of UNICEF’s support for strengthened access to justice for children in contact with the law under the Justice and Legal Empowerment Programme, funded by the European Union (EU JULE). It will contribute to Result 2 on increased access to legal advice, assistance and representation in both civil and criminal matters, and Result 3 on improved enabling legislative and regulatory framework for legal empowerment and access to justice. The consultancy also contributes to the Ministry of Justice-UNICEF Project on Strengthened Access to Justice and Protection of Minors in Contact with the Law (2018-2021), and the MOLISA-UNICEF Project on Promoting and Protecting Children’s Rights (2017-2021 – Child Protection Component).

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