The 9 best super heroes made it to the online voting final!

The 9 best superheroes from over 16000 entries submitted to the saving the earth comic contest have been selected by the jury board to be voted online.

Ban giám khảo cuộc thi Giải cứu Trái đất đang thảo luận về chất lượng các tác phẩm dự thi
UNICEF Việt Nam\Trương Việt Hùng
05 October 2019

This is the 10 best Super Heroes have been selected to the final voting online:

  1. Hải Mộc Nhi |
  2. Sơn Tinh, Thuỷ Tinh 4.0 |
  3. Siêu nhân Sao Vàng |
  4. Super Artist |
  5. Siêu anh hùng Berbornwoo-man |
  6. Thuỷ Thần |
  7. Kin Kây |
  8. Tũn |
  9. Siêu anh hùng thỏ xám |

Vote for your favourite Super Heroes:

Voting rules:

👍❤️ Post with the most likes and hearts will win. Only Like and Heart for posts count, not for each photo in the post. 1 Heart = 2 Likes (The organizers only count like and heart, not counting other symbols (like haha, angry, surprised, sad) and we don't count comments either.

✋❌ Please pay special attention: if we find any post using the fake nick to vote, we will immediately reject the result. The organizers will strictly censor!

10 best super heroes submissions will be posted into 10 different posts. We will post each submission including superhero paintings and  story at our event page at

The voting period will end on October 8, 2019.

These 10 best submissions have been selected by the jury board from over 16,000 entries submitted by children across the country.

The Jury Board consists of famous writers and painters from Kim Dong Publishing House and UNICEF partners including:

1. Painter To Chiem
2. Painter Ngo Xuan Khoi
3. Painter To Hong Thuy,
4. Painter Nguyen Thanh Phong
5. Documentary director, Nguyen Thu Hang (May), Writer,
6. Writer, screenwriter, Cao Phuong Diem,
7. Writer Mai Ha Uyen

Check out the 10 most powerful Super Heroes below

Please note to view with the full screen mode for your best reading of each story! (when clicking on the gray circle icon with 3 dots) and all submissions are in Vietnamese only.