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Adoption from Viet Nam: Findings and recommendations of an assessment

The report "Adoption from Viet Nam: findings and recommendations of an assessment" is the result of an independent assessment commissioned by UNICEF Viet Nam and the Department of Adoption of the Ministry of Justice of Viet Nam in 2009. This assessment was carried out by International Social Service (ISS). Its main objectives were to: (1) identify and address problems in both the domestic and intercountry adoption processes, with a view to assisting Viet Nam in its preparations to accede to the 1993 Hague Convention on Intercountry Adoption; and (2) review the new draft law on adoption, and propose any amendments that may appear necessary to ensure compliance with international standards and good practice.

Since the finalisation of the report, the National Assembly has passed a new law on adoption (in June 2010). This new law addresses many of the concerns related to intercountry adoptions that were highlighted by the assessment.

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