A situation analysis of children in Viet Nam 2016

The children of today will be the driving force of Viet Nam in 2030. Investing in children today lays the foundation for long-term sustainable development.

A situation analysis of children in Viet Nam 2016
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This Situation Analysis represents a critical milestone in an ongoing process of researching, documenting, analysing and understanding the situation of children in Viet Nam. This publication is a joint product between UNICEF Viet Nam and the Government of Viet Nam which was led by the Ministry of Labour, Invalids and Social Affairs as the state management agency on children’s issues. A strong partnership between UNICEF and the Government of Viet Nam around children’s rights 
has been reflected in all stages of this report development.

This Analysis takes a human rights-based approach, looking at the situation of children from the perspective of key human rights principles such as equality, non-discrimination and accountability. The value of such an approach is that it analyses issues at a deeper level, one where the causes of rights not being met are probed and better understood. The Analysis therefore makes a unique contribution to understanding the situation of children – girls and boys, rural and urban children, Kinh and ethnic minority children, poor and rich children – today in Viet Nam.

The findings confirm Viet Nam’s remarkable progress for children. Yet, they also show areas where progress is still needed, and urgently so. These include reducing growing disparities, reducing stunting, improving early childhood development, quality and inclusive education and protecting children in difficult circumstances. While
focusing on the important results achieved for children, the Analysis also looks at the unfinished agenda and new issues arising from the unprecedented social and economic transformations shaping Viet Nam in the context of the Sustainable Development Agenda toward 2030.

By the National Action Plan on the Implementation of the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development approved by the Prime Minister in May 2017, Viet Nam has been committed to achieve the 2030 Agenda, which puts a strong emphasis on equity and sheds a focus on children: the sustainable development goals are only reached if they are achieved for all children, everywhere. This is a clear and unequivocal statement of Viet Nam’s commitment to children, one that is put into practice over years of investment and priority given to children. This Situation Analysis recognises those achievements, and calls upon Viet Nam to continue its leadership to realise the rights of Viet Nam’s children.

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