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NOBODY’S PERFECT - Parent Handbook First Edition (May 2019)

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Parenting is about loving and caring for your children. Being a parent is not easy. Sometimes it is very frustrating! Along with the joys of parenting, many parents face problems, too. Tough times can give you the chance to learn and grow as a parent and as a person.
It is okay to ask for help. Nobody’s perfect. There are no perfect parents, or perfect children, or perfect people. We can only do our best, and we all need help once in a while.

Nobody’s Perfect is a programme for parents or caregivers of young children. Parents with children ages 0 to 8 years can participate in the programme. It is recommended that parenting programmes start as early as possible, before age 3 years to achieve best outcomes. The programme includes 3 booklets:

  • MIND: thinking, feeling, learning and playing
  • BEHAVIOUR: Helping children learn to behave and ideas for coping with some common behaviours
  • BODY: Growth, health, illness and safety

These books are not perfect either. They cannot tell you everything you will ever need to know about being a parent. But the books can help you do your best.



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UNICEF Parenting

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Nobody's perfect: Facilitator's guide

An essential resource for Nobody’s Perfect Facilitator’s Training and provides an ongoing reference for facilitators.

Nobody’s Perfect Program: Facilitator’s Guide has been developed as a practical resource for facilitators who are learning to work with Nobody’s Perfect. It is an essential resource for Nobody’s Perfect Facilitator’s Training and provides an ongoing reference for facilitators.

The 10 sections of this Guide provide background information, guidelines for facilitating, advice for planning and organizing Nobody’s Perfect programs, tools to assist your work and much more.

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