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NOBODY’S PERFECT - Parent Handbook First Edition (May 2019)

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Parenting is about loving and caring for your children. Being a parent is not easy. Sometimes it is very frustrating! Along with the joys of parenting, many parents face problems, too. Tough times can give you the chance to learn and grow as a parent and as a person. It is ok to ask for help. Nobody’s perfect. There are no perfect parents, perfect children, or perfect people. We can only do our best, and we all need help once in a while.

UNICEF Viet Nam, working in partnership with the Government of Canada, has adapted and implemented the Public Health Agency of Canada’s Nobody’s Perfect parenting program.

This international program is now available in Viet Nam. Parents and caregivers of children aged 0 to 8 years can participate in facilitated group sessions that:

  • promotes positive parenting
  • increases their understanding of  their children's health, safety, and behaviour
  • helps them build on the skills they have and learn new ones
  • improves their self-esteem and coping skills
  • increases their self-help and mutual support
  • brings them in contact with community services and resources

While there is no set curriculum and participants are encouraged to choose the topics of discussion, the programme in Viet Nam is supported by three books:

  • MIND: thinking, feeling, learning and playing
  • BEHAVIOUR: Helping children learn to behave and ideas for coping with some common behaviours
  • BODY: Growth, health, illness and safety

It is recommended that parents and caregivers attend parenting programmes as early as possible, preferably before their children are aged 3 years, to achieve best outcomes.

  • For more information about the Nobody’s Perfect parenting program in Viet Nam contact: Nguyen Thi Y Duyen, Child Protection Specialist, Email:; Tell: +84238500213
  • For more information about the Nobody’s Perfect program outside of Viet Nam, contact the Public Health Agency of Canada at


Original: Public Health Agency of Canada | Adapted Vietnamese Version: UNICEF Viet Nam

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Nobody's perfect: Facilitator's guide

An essential resource for Nobody’s Perfect Facilitator’s Training and provides an ongoing reference for facilitators.

Parenting facilitator guide

Over the years and across the world, thousands of community workers, parents, teachers and public health practitioners have been trained to offer the Nobody’s Perfect parenting program. In the process to become a facilitator, you will participate in a multi-day training as well as receive a practical resource – the Nobody’s Perfect Program: Facilitator’s Guide. This manual provides background information on the programme, guidelines for facilitating, advice for planning and organizing Nobody’s Perfect parenting sessions, tools to assist your work and much more.

Nobody’s Perfect facilitators are trained to change parent session plans to suit the needs and interests of the participants with the aim to create a safe, friendly and non-judgmental atmosphere. Learning activities allow parents to understand their situation, their child's behaviour and development and to build upon their current skills. The activities encourage self-help and mutual support. 

  • To learn more about facilitator training in Viet Nam, contact: Nguyen Thi Y Duyen, Child Protection Specialist, Email:; Tell: +84238500213 
  • For more information about Nobody’s Perfect outside of Viet Nam contact the Public Health Agency of Canada at