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Viet Nam’s Sustainable Development Goals with a Child Focus

UNICEF\Simon Lister


The Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) of the 2030 Agenda were developed and agreed upon to assist countries in identifying targets that address their sustainable development issues within the context of sustainable development during the next 15 years. These are the successive goals of the Millennium Development Goals, aiming at sustainable development and leaving no one behind in the process of development. The Sustainable Development Agenda has 17 goals, 169 targets. Children are an important object of the SDG, and they are referenced in 12 of the 17 goals, 38 of the 169 targets.

The National Plan of Action for Viet Nam's Sustainable Development Goals (NPAVSDG) includes 17 sustainable development goals (VDGs), similar to SDG and details 115 targets. Also, similar to SDG, children are important, and they are directly or indirectly related to 12 of the 17 VSDGs and 40 of the 115 targets of the VSDGs. 

This report compares and contrasts the targets of the SDGs and VSDGs to see the differences between the policy goals and child-related gaps in Viet Nam; reviews the policies related to the VSDGs to find gaps; evaluates the achievement of the targets of the VSDGs focused on children in the past and detects shortcomings; and it makes recommendations to promote the implementation of child-focused VSDGs from now until 2030.

Viet Nam’s Sustainable Development Goals with a Child Focus



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