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UNICEF and Viet Nam’s Next Top Model Engage in Unique Partnership for Children



Viet Nam: bilingual education helps ethnic minority children enjoy school
Gia Lai Province, January 2013 -- Third grader Ksor Hiep plays the T’rung, a traditional music instrument made of bamboo tubes, at the beginning of class.

Inclusive Education in Viet Nam: their Right, our Responsibility
Da Nang, Viet Nam, 13 December 2012 – It is 9 am and four year-old Nguyen Van Quy is sitting at a table, facing his favourite teacher, Nguyen Xuan Viet.

Viet Nam: Lifting up Voices from the Ground to Improve Services for Children
Huoi Leng commune, Muong Cha district, Dien Bien province, 24September 2012 – Eight year-old Giang Thi Cau is proud to perform a traditional dance for her peers at the end of the school day.

Bilingual education offers hope of a better future
Seven-year-old Lô Thị Ghenh eagerly listens to her teacher at Lao Chai Primary School, in Sa Pa district in northern Vietnam.

Promoting South-South cooperation in bilingual education
Lao Cai province, Viet Nam, 4 May 2011 – Students of grade two in Lao Chai primary school are having their Natural Science class in the front yard.

A handy booklet to reduce HIV stigma in schools
Discrimination against children living with HIV and children affected by HIV has become a major concern in Viet Nam. Across the country, hundreds of parents have called schools to complain, and many have organized to stand together at school entrances to

UNICEF helps keep minority children in school in rural Viet Nam
CHIENG KHOA COMMUNE, Viet Nam, 29 December 2005 – A short five-minute walk is all that separates 8-year-old Sa Thi Tham from her school.CHIENG KHOA COMMUNE, Viet Nam, 29 December 2005 – A short five-minute walk is all that separates 8-year-old Sa Thi Tham

Healthy-living education builds teens’ confidence across Viet Nam
LANG SON, Viet Nam, 3 November 2006 – Balancing a pair of watering pails with a stick across her shoulders, Ma Thi Nut navigates through a cabbage field, tilting to wet crops on both sides of a narrow path.

The IECD approach, giving children a better chance to fully develop their potential
Y-Ner is a 29 years old Xe-dang ethnic minority woman living in Dac-Blo village of Kon Tum, one of the poorest provinces in the central highlands area of Viet Nam. She is married and has three children, two sons and a daughter.



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