Crafting the Future for children in Viet Nam with UNICEF

UNICEF Viet Nam launches a campaign to enhance understanding of children's issues and inspire the communities to join hands with UNICEF to create a brighter future for every child.

03 October 2023
Crafting the Future for children in Viet Nam with UNICEF
Crafting the Future for children in Viet Nam with UNICEF

Ho Chi Minh City (Viet Nam), 3 Oct 2023 – Today UNICEF launched the Crafting the Future campaign to raise public awareness and foster collaboration to improve the situation of vulnerable children in Viet Nam. The campaign aims to show how the actions we take today can bring sustainable impacts for children in critical areas such as education, healthcare, protection, and equitable access to the opportunities that lay the grounds for the future they aspire to.

Despite great progress achieved in the last decades and ongoing remarkable efforts, children’s lives and futures are affected by so many factors that there is always an unfinished agenda, with many girls and boys facing inequalities that have grown and deepened because of the pandemic’s lasting impacts.  These include relevant areas such as access to clean water, child nutrition, protection against violence and abuse, mental health and a more inclusive education that equips every child with the skills they need for a successful future in this digital era. In addition, the climate crisis and deteriorated environments that are bringing new threats to children’s lives and their development.

"Through this campaign, UNICEF wants to highlight that while Viet Nam continues to advance child rights, there are many children at risk of being left behind –those living in remote areas, in their ethnic minority communities; those facing inequalities, disabilities or discrimination. If we don’t take action today, these children will not have the opportunity to grow up healthy and happy, and to develop the skills they need for their adult lives”, said Rana Flowers, UNICEF Viet Nam Representative. “UNICEF would like to raise awareness and inspire all sectors of our society and the communities to take action and join hands to create an environment where children can thrive, grow, and realize their full potential. The power of our collective action and creative solutions can change children’s lives and the future of their communities. The power of inaction will only continue to deepen the inequalities”.

To kickstart the campaign, UNICEF introduces a creative Action Box containing simple paper-cutting and crafting ideas for co-creation. UNICEF's change-makers, influential individuals in the community, along with Friends of UNICEF and young people, are actively encouraged to participate and envision a brighter future for every child. The artworks crafted through this process will be showcased in an exhibition in October 2023. This exhibition will provide attendees with a meaningful and immersive experience, as well as insights into addressing the pressing issues faced by children in Viet Nam.

Throughout the campaign, UNICEF Change-makers, namely Miss Universe Vietnam 2017 H’Hen Nie, Miss World Vietnam 2019 Luong Thuy Linh, Miss Grand International 2021 Nguyen Thuc Thuy Tien, the world-athletes Anh Vien and Nguyen Thi Oanh, STEM teacher Dao Thi Hong Quyen, MC Quoc Khanh, singers Dong Nhi, Min, Chi Pu, and the music composer Mew Amazing among others, will actively support the campaign on their social media platforms. They will share a series of compelling content and videos designed to raise public awareness about the challenges children encounter and call for a dedicated community of supporters for children’s rights.

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