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UNICEF Viet Nam T-shirt contest on Facebook

1) Theme of the contest: "I am a FRIEND of UNICEF!"

2) Participants and guidelines for the designs:

  • All youngsters who are enthusiastic designers, having the ability to design or simply just love designing

3) Specification about the designs:

  • Present designs on a standard T-shirts with basic shape
  • These designs must be inspired by UNICEF Viet Nam
  • The images / graphics must be used in accordance with legal rules and appropriate with Vietnamese culture
  • The design will include the words: "Let’s "Like" UNICEF Viet Nam on Facebook" on the back of the T-shirt
  • Each candidate can only submit one design consists of UNICEF logo (Please click to download logo files) and a slogan

4) Evaluation method: 

  • Round 1: Organizing committee will select the most promising designs according to the following criteria:
    - Creativity and aesthetic of the design
    - Youthful and fresh colors
    - The messages denoted in the logo and slogan
  • Round 2: After passing the first round, the best designs will be posted on UNICEF Viet Nam Facebook page in 2 weeks. The design with most “Likes” wins the contest.

5) Submission and Deadlines:

6) Prizes and benefits: (2 Prizes for the best designs)

  • UNICEF will print the winning designs T-shirts as the follows:
    - 1st Prize: 10 T-shirts
    - 2nd Prize: 5 T-shirts
  • The T-shirts with the winning design will be used for events related to the promotion of UNICEF Viet Nam Facebook page
  • Two vloggers and friends of UNICEF will wear the 1st Prize T-shirts and promote them on their personal pages.
  • All prize winners will be awarded a certificate awarded by UNICEF Viet Nam



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