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Post-2015 Consultations: Asking Young People What is the Future They Want!
On 19 January 2013, in the context of national consultations with Viet Nam's people organised by the United Nations on the future they want post-2015, UNICEF and sister agencies UNODC, UN-Women, UNFPA and UNDP organised a workshop with 35 children and young people. Among them were street children, children with disabilities and lower-secondary school children who all shared their concerns and hopes for Viet Nam after 2015.

Providing care and support to children with disabilities in Da Nang
It is estimated there are close to 1.4 million children with disabilities in Viet Nam. Da Nang, the central coastal city of Viet Nam is known as a “hot spot” for dioxin\ Agent Orange contamination following the 1960-1975 war. It is reported that nearly 1,700 children below 16 years of age in Da Nang have a disability. The Respite Day Care Centre for Children with Disabilities in Da Nang’s Hoa Vang district, is one of three centres currently operated by Da Nang’s Association for Victims of Agent Orange and supported by UNICEF.

Viet Nam: Bilingual Education for Ethnic Minority Children
August 2012: In Viet Nam, many children speak a home language that differs from the language of instruction in education programmes. Research confirms that children learn best in their mother tongue as a prelude to and complement of bilingual and multilingual education. Allowing children to study in their first language in the early years, Action Research on Mother Tongue-based Bilingual Education (MTBBE) has been piloted in three provinces of Viet Nam since 2008. The programme aims to improve the quality of education for ethnic minority children.

Children and Climate Change - They know what they are talking about, do we?
Climate Change and Children examines the effects of climate change on children - and examines how climate change has evolved from an 'environmental' issue into one that requires collective expertise in sustainable development, energy security, and the health and well-being of children. This photo set reflects the voice of children speak about the impact of climate change on children in Viet Nam.

‘Creative Connection’: Change comes from within
‘Creative Connection’: Change comes from within An initiative piloted by UNICEF since 2009 in 11 schools of Ninh Thuan Province, fosters child participation and behaviour change in schools through child-to-child, child-to-parent and child-to-community interactions.

Viet Nam: Educating ethnic minority children
Viet Nam: Educating ethnic minority childrenThe Vietnamese Government, with assistance from UNICEF and IKEA, is working to improve primary education for ethnic minorities.





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