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$102,000 Raised for UNICEF Tsunami Relief Appeal in Viet Nam

© Unicef Viet Nam \ Truong Viet Hung
Unicef Fundraising Corner at Tsunami Relief Sunday Brunch - 30/01/2005 Melia Hotel, Ha Noi Viet Nam

Hanoi, 3 February 2005: One hundred and two thousand US dollars has been raised by the Vietnamese community for UNICEF’s Tsunami Relief Appeal which has been running from 5 -31 January, UNICEF Viet Nam, announced in Hanoi today.

“This is an overwhelmingly generous response by businesses, schools and individuals, from all over Viet Nam and I would like to take this opportunity to thank everyone,” said Mr Chrisian Salazar-Volkmann, acting UNICEF Representative in Viet Nam. “This is the first time that UNICEF has asked for donations from the private sector in Viet Nam to help children outside of the country and it has set an important example of solidarity and support for the estimated one million children affected by the Asian Tsunami.”

UNICEF began its appeal for Tsunami Relief donations in early January, in response to many approaches by individuals and companies in Viet Nam who wanted to contribute to the relief effort. Over the past three weeks, companies, schools, community groups and individuals have been sending donations to UNICEF’s offices in Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City. More than USD 15,000 has been raised by the British International School in Ho Chi Minh City and USD 25,000 at the Tsunami Sunday  Relief Brunch at the Melia Hotel in Hanoi on Sunday 30 January 2005.


© Unicef Viet Nam \ Truong Viet Hung
Mr Chrisian Salazar-Volkmann, acting UNICEF Representative in Viet Nam was receiving donation in Tsunami Relief Sunday Bruch - 30/01/2005 Melia Hotel, Hanoi, Viet Nam

The money raised will be used in four chief areas in the affected region:

• Child Survival
i) Access to safe drinking water and safe sanitation
ii) Preventing the spread of diseases. UNICEF and WHO (World Health Organization) are supporting measles vaccination campaigns throughout the region.

• Family Reunification
i) UNICEF is working with governments and other relief agencies to identify separated children and assist in reuniting them with their families and communities.

• Protecting Children
i) UNICEF is working with governments and agencies to put in place measures to stop trafficking and abduction of children.
ii) To date there are no confirmed cases of trafficking but there have been reports of possible child abductions in Sri Lanka.

• Getting Schools Up and Running
i) Returning to school is the first step in a child’s recovery. It provides children with a sense of routine and a semblance of ‘normalcy’. UNICEF is providing school and recreational kits for children. Schools have already reopened in Sri Lanka and areas of Banda Aceh in Indonesia.

Globally, UNICEF has now received close to USD $300 million dollars from governments and private donors. As a result of this extraordinary fund-raising achievement, the Executive Director of UNICEF, Ms Carol Bellamy, has decided that any new fund-raising for the Tsunami appeal should now stop. While UNICEF continues to provide immediate relief in the tsunami zone, efforts will now be turned to the rehabilitation and recovery phase, to ensure that donations are used in the most effective way possible.

“At this time of generosity and support for the Asian Tsunami victims, we must not forget, that there are many other crises around the world, affecting tens of millions of children. These children also need our help. We also look forward to continuing our partnership with the private sector to raise funds for the poor and disadvantaged children of Viet Nam,” added Mr Salazar-Volkmann.

UNICEF has released its 2005 Humanitarian Action Report, where it is calling on USD 516 million for emergency relief in 30 countries. Some of the countries included in the appeal are Angola, the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea, Liberia, Haiti, Ethiopia, Indonesia and Afghanistan. For further information, go to

For further information, please contact:

Sue Spencer, Communication Section, UNICEF – tel: 942 5706 ext 210 or 0912 391053

Nguyen Thi Thanh Huong, Communication Section, UNICEF – tel: 942 5706 ext 401




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