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Governments, Donors and United Nations Commit to Champion Delivering as One at Global Conference in Viet Nam

© UNICEF/Viet Nam/2010/Doan Bao Chau
UN Deputy Secretary General Dr Asha-Rose Migiro shakes hands with Viet Nam's Minister of Planning and Investment, M. Vo Hong Phuc at the Ha Noi conference on Delivering as One.

Ha Noi, 16 June 2010 – “Much has been achieved, more needs to be done. Delivering as One is the future for UN development activities”, Governments and United Nations (UN) representatives stated at an international gathering on UN reform efforts which took place in Ha Noi from 14-16 June.
The event brought together over 260 participants from eight countries piloting the ‘Delivering as One’ approach, eight counties having voluntarily adopted the approach and seven countries that were invited to exchange experiences, 22 countries that have funded and are interested in the UN reform process, delegates from the UN, international organisations and diplomatic missions in Viet Nam.

The “Delivering as One” scheme was launched in 2007 to respond to global challenges and experiment how the UN can provide more coordinate development assistance in the nations which volunteered to become pilot cases: Albania, Cape Verde, Mozambique, Pakistan, Rwanda, Tanzania, Uruguay, and Viet Nam. Together with the world body, these nations are experimenting with ways to increase the UN’s impact through more coherent programmes and accelerate the achievement of the Millennium Development Goals, eight anti-poverty targets with a 2015 deadline.
“Pilot countries lead the way in operationalising the vision of the UN system at country level”, said Dr. Rose-Asha Migiro, the United Nations Deputy Secretary General, during the conference. “Many of the successful changes need to be institutionalised in order to be sustainable”.

The conference arrived at the “Ha Noi Statement” which charts a clear way forward for the “Delivering as One” initiative. The Statement reaffirms that the old way of doing business is no longer an option and calls upon the UN system to institutionalize business and management systems that enhance efficiency and effectiveness in countries. The Statement also calls upon the donors to provide multi-year, predictable and un-earmarked funding to countries to make the Delivering as One approach credible now and also relevant and applicable to all other member states in their future development activities.

During the opening ceremony on the last day of the conference, M. Nguyen Tan Dung, Prime Minister of Viet Nam, stated: “Reform is always a long and challenging process which requires persevering and strong commitment and efforts of all nations as well as the UN as a whole. The important thing is that success of the reform will surely bring about enormous benefits to the realisation of national development goals and the improvement of the people’s lives. As such, I am confident that with commitment of all stakeholders, Delivering as One will produce the desired development results”.

The five main pillars of the 'Delivering as One' initiative - One plan; One fund; One set of management practice/ One house; One leader and One voice, were discussed on 15 June in parallel thematic workshops with a view to adopting an action agenda for further improvements in implementing these pillars in pilot countries as well in voluntary countries.

“The eight pilot countries have written history because what we have initiated has actually taken root. We are now at a crucial point in time where we need to go further and demonstrate the sustainability of the process. This is not something that can be done through the UN alone. Government leadership and ownership is absolutely fundamental, as well as donor guidance”, said Jesper Morch, UNICEF Representative in Viet Nam. “Donors in Viet Nam have been instrumental in the design of Delivering as One. They have been involved from day one and have played a loyal role in that they stood up when needed, also providing significant funding. The UN now need to translate this vision into action, move one step beyond the process and show tangible results for the people.”    

The Ha Noi Statement was complemented by a closing statement on behalf of the donors. Ambassador Jostein Leiro, Deputy Director General, Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Norway, stated: “Donors appreciate the way Delivering as One countries have demonstrated national ownership and leadership, and stand ready to respond to Governments’ requests to work through the One UN programme”.

The success of the conference will contribute to the efforts to enhance the coherence and effectiveness in the UN operation as stated in the General Assembly’s resolutions on the system-wide coherence. The outcome of this Conference provides a significant source of information for an independent evaluation on Delivering as One to be conducted in 2011.

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