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UNICEF’s Next Generation Viet Nam



UNICEF’s Next Generation Viet Nam


UNICEF’s Next Generation Viet Nam (“NextGen”) is a volunteer community of students and young business leaders (ages 18-35) who are committed to delivering educational events and fundraising programs in support of UNICEF’s mission to fulfill the rights of all children.  


Program Committee

  • Provide educational and inspirational contents and speakers about the challenges that children face in Viet Nam and the solutions to save and improve children’s lives.


  • Organize events and social activities that educate our peers on UNICEF’s work in Vietnam and the issues that are affecting children in our own country.

Social Media

  • Develop and maintain Next Gen’s community through online channels such as UNICEF’s website, Facebook, and YouTube.
  • Produce content and carry out awareness raising campaigns via social and digital media platforms.


  • Implement initiatives to raise funds for UNICEF Viet Nam through support of organizations, companies and individuals.

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