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Getting Closer to ZERO

Trends in under five mortality rate (per 1,000 live births)

We are getting closer to ZERO. UNICEF has supported Viet Nam for more than 30 years, focusing on saving and improving children’s lives – through clean water, nutrition, health, education HIV/AIDs prevention, and protection of children. We work from the grassroots level piloting innovative initiatives to launching massive programs at national scale. The following are some of UNICEF Viet Nam’s accomplishments in collaboration with its partners, including government, NGOs, and private sectors, which demonstrate how UNICEF’s goal of ZERO can be possible:

  • Eradication of polio in 2000
  • Eradication of neonatal tetanus and measles in 2005
  • Vaccination of 99% of children
  • Number of cases of Vitamin A deficiency now rare
  • Reduction of malnutrition rates by 1/3
  • Reduction of under-five mortality to less than 1/3 since the 1960s

ZERO is a believable and achievable goal

Still, 100 children die every day in Viet Nam before reaching their fifth birthday. Most preventable deaths such as those caused by pneumonia or diarrhea, occur in the newborn period; around or just after birth; and are easily preventable if a package of several low cost interventions were delivered to the most vulnerable women and children. Child mortality needs to be addressed through good antenatal care (nutrition, vaccines and referral of high risk pregnancies), obstetric care (access to safe delivery, clean environment and safe blood) and newborn care (early breast feeding, infection control, resuscitation and skin to skin contact, and vaccines). 

Other key solutions such as the prevention of under-nutrition of children through exclusively breastfeeding for the first six months; or the prevention of injury through children wearing helmets, are simple and low-cost or virtually free.

While UNICEF continues to work to fulfill the rights of Viet Nam’s most vulnerable women and children, you can also help Viet Nam reach the goal of ZERO for children.





Our Partners

Our partners

UNICEF does everything it can to fulfill the rights of every child in Vietnam, particularly the most disadvantaged and excluded.  We believe in ZERO preventable deaths, ZERO children denied access to school, ZERO malnourished children, ZERO children suffering from violence, abuse or neglect. Read more...


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