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About Believe in ZERO

Believe in ZERO”, launched in 2013 in Viet Nam, is a global campaign launched by UNICEF founded on the belief that no child should ever die from a preventable cause and all children should grow up in a healthy, protective, environment, receive comprehensive education and realize his or her full potential.

While Viet Nam has made impressive economic progress, attaining middle income status in 2010, Vietnamese children still face tremendous challenges. There are still painful numbers in Viet Nam that need to be considered:

  • 100 children die every day of preventable deaths.
  • 1 child dies every hour from injury mainly drowning or traffic accidents.
  • 2 million children suffer permanent physical and brain damage from malnutrition
  • 3 million children are deprived of clean water
  • 12 million children do not have access to hygienic latrines.

UNICEF believes that even one is too many and that all of these numbers should be ZERO.

The more people believe in ZERO, the more actions will be taken. UNICEF believes that with the support of the broader community, we can together achieve ZERO preventable child deaths, ZERO malnourished children, ZERO children deprived of clean water, ZERO children denied access to education, and ZERO exploited children.





Our Partners

Our partners

UNICEF does everything it can to fulfill the rights of every child in Vietnam, particularly the most disadvantaged and excluded.  We believe in ZERO preventable deaths, ZERO children denied access to school, ZERO malnourished children, ZERO children suffering from violence, abuse or neglect. Read more...


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The ZEROnewsletter informs activities through the Believe in ZERO campaign and the increasingly important role of the private sector in the work of ensuring the survival and protection of all children in Viet Nam. It is designed for everyone, particularly businesses and individuals who want to learn about how we can make positive change for Vietnamese children.



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