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Video catalogue

Lost Generations

Tape number: 400

Type of production: documentary short

Subject: Health, Gender Concerns, Debt, Poverty & Development

Audience: general audience

Production year: 2001

Duration: 23 minutes

Language versions: English,

Countries: India

Producer: TVE / UNICEF


Summary: In Hartalle village in Mysore, Southern India, most of the villagers live below the official Indian poverty line - less than a dollar a day - and women and children bear the brunt of it.  Pushpa was only thirteen when she had to drop out of school and get married. By fourteen she'd already given birth to her first child. Today at fifteen her health - as a child mother - has suffered, and she finds looking after her baby very difficult. Both the young mothers and their babies suffer from this early childbearing. Some mothers and babies die, and as many as one Indian baby in three is born with low birth-weight (under 2.5 kg) - a handicap that remains with them for the rest of their lives.  Ten years into the free economy there is growing concern that India is leaving behind a major chunk of its population in its rush to join the global market. The question is:  who will be answerable for these lost generations?

Price: $500 Beta, $500 VHS

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