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Video catalogue

For a Few Pennies More

Tape number: 399

Type of production: documentary short

Subject: Health, Nutrition

Audience: General audience

Production year: 2001

Duration: 23 minutes

Language versions: English,

Countries: Indonesia

Producer: TVE/UNICEF



Dwi Asnawan is three years old, but he cannot yet walk or talk. He's sick because he's not getting enough iodine in his food. Iodine is a trace element usually present in tiny amounts in soil and water, but because it's missing from Dwi’s parents land, his food is also missing it. UNICEF, in conjunction with many governments, has long advocated the universal iodisation of salt.  In Indonesia, salt producers are legally obliged to add iodine to salt.  But, if, officially, most of the salt in Indonesia is already being iodised, why are so many people still suffering from IDD?

Price: $500 Beta, $500 VHS

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