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Video catalogue

Meena: Tape 4: Intro to Meena

1.  Meena, Oh Meena
2. I am Meena

Tape number: 279 M-N

Type of production: Animation

Subject: Education, health, gender

Audience: General Audience, Children ages 7-73

Production year: 1998

Duration: 20 minutes and 13 minutes

Language versions: English, Spanish, French,

Countries: South Asia

Producer: UNICEF



Meena, Oh Meena
Sir Peter Ustinov narrates this commentary on the making of the Meena series and its widespread impact on girls and women of South Asia. Now translated into 30 languages, Meena has become a champion of female empowerment worldwide. Filmed also are children's dramatizations of their favourite Meena scenes as well as the reactions of villagers living in remote rural areas when seeing Meena episodes for the first time.
Meena: I Am Meena
A compilation of Meena’s adventures and the lessons learned in the entire series. An excellent source of life-saving messages for children and adults alike.


Price: $200 Beta, $100 VHS

To order, note title and tape number, and complete the video productions order form.


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