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Video catalogue

Meena: Tape 3: Health

1. Take Care of Girls
2. Savaing a Life
3. Three Wishes
4. A Girl's Story

Tape number: 279 I-L

Type of production: Animation

Subject: Health

Audience: Children ages 7-13

Production year: 1994-97

Duration: 13 minutes each

Language versions: English, French, Spanish,

Countries: South Asia

Producer: UNICEF



Meena: Take Care of Girls
Meena discovers parents are often concerned only for their sons and neglect their daughters. When a family arrives to perform at the local fair, the sick daughter must work while the equally ill son rests. But Meena gets the girl to a doctor and the family vows to ‘take care of girls’ from now on.
Meena: Saving a Life
Meena’s grandmother feels that Meena should not be at school. But when Meena’s baby sister, Rani, falls sick with diarrhoea, it is Meena and her brother Raju who race through a storm to seek advice from their schoolteacher who gives them the life-saving message—the importance of giving the baby plenty to drink to stop dehydration. The grandmother is only then convinced girls should go to school too.
Meena: Three Wishes
Meena dreams of a magic genie that will grant her three wishes so that everyone would be healthy and never again get sick from poor sanitation and unsafe water. When Meena wakes up she realizes that she must make her dream come true. With the help of her brother Raju, other children in the village, and Mithu, her pet parrot, Meena convinces people to build and use latrines, to use safe water and to wash their hands to stop the spread of germs and disease.
Meena: A Girl’s Story
Meena tries to befriend Rano, a shy young girl whose entire family is dying of AIDS. Only when Meena rescues Rano’s drawings from blowing away does Rano finally tell Meena her sad story. The other village children—who fear and thus cruelly tease Rano—secretly listen, and when the family nurse appears, she teaches them about AIDS. No longer afraid, they all eagerly play with Rano.

Price: $200 Beta, $100 VHS

To order, note title and tape number, and complete the video productions order form.


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