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Video catalogue

Meena: Tape 2: Gender

1. Dividing the Mango
2. Say No to Dowry
3. It's Got to Be A Boy
4. Too Young to Marry

Tape number: 279 E-H

Type of production: Animation

Subject: Gender

Audience: Children ages 7-13

Production year: 1993-97

Duration: 13 minutes each

Language versions: English, French, Spanish,

Countries: South Asia

Producer: UNICEF



Meena: Dividing the Mango
Meena works hard every day but it is Raju, her brother, who is always given the larger portion of food. When Meena and Raju decide to swap jobs for the day, Raju realizes that Meena works very hard and deserves the same share of the food. Raju decides he will help Meena and from now on he will share half and half.
Meena: Say No to Dowry
Meena’s cousin Taara is going to get married, and her parents are being asked to pay a large dowry. Meena discovers that the shopkeeper and his son, the bridegroom, are greedily planning to ask for even more dowry when the couple is married. The villagers and Taara’s parents ensure that the shopkeeper and his son are unable to find a family willing to pay a dowry for their daughter.
Meena: It’s Got To Be a Boy
By chance, Meena learns to fix stubborn tractor carburettors. Meanwhile, her cousin is having her first child and Meena’s uncle insists that it will be a boy. When the baby is a girl instead, the uncle is so furious he causes his tractor to stall on the railroad tracks. Meena fixes the carburettor just in time, proving girls can bring glory to the family as well.
Meena: Too Young to Mary
Meena’s uncle has arranged for his daughter Rita to marry Babu, a shopkeeper’s son. But Rita is only 15 and has not yet finished school. With Meena’s help, it comes to light that Babu, who is studying to be a doctor, does not want to get married yet, especially since he knows it is unsafe for young girls to become mothers. To everyone’s satisfaction, the marriage is postponed until Rita is 18 and has completed her education.

Price: $200 Beta, $100 VHS

To order, note title and tape number, and complete the video productions order form.


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