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Video catalogue

Meena: Tape 1: Education

1. Count Your Chickens
2. Will Meena Leave School
3. I Love School
4. Who's Afraid of the Bully

Tape number: 279 A-D

Type of production: Animation

Subject: education

Audience: Children ages 7-12

Production year: 1992-97

Duration: 13 minutes each

Language versions: English, French, Spanish,

Countries: South Asia

Producer: UNICEF



Meena: Count Your Chickens
Meena’s father does not allow her to go to school, but Meena’s parrot Mithu memorizes the lessons and teaches her to count. One day, Meena notices that one of her chickens is missing, and her quick wit helps catch the village thief. Praised by the village headman for her counting skills, Meena is allowed to go to school. 
Meena: Will Meena Leave School?
Meena’s father does not have any seeds to plant for harvest, so he must borrow the rice from the greedy shopkeeper who charges him high interest. In order to pay off the loan, Meena’s mother may have to go to work, and Meena would have to stay home to care for the baby. Meena, with skills learned at school, helps her mother obtain a loan to start a business she can run from home. Meena’s help ensures that she continues to go to school.
Meena: I Love School
Meena and Raju have a wonderful teacher who instructs by patient example. But when the teacher goes away, they become bewildered in the hands of the mean substitute teacher who mercilessly scolds and instructs through empty repetition. With the help of Meena’s cousin, Taara, the children finally understand what the substitute teacher has been unsuccessfully forcing them to learn. Meena is then able to rescue the new teacher from a near crippling accident, and Meena regains her love for school.
Meena: Who’s Afraid of the Bully?
Every day, as Meena’s friend Rita walks to school, the school bully picks on her. Meena and her friends decide that together they can beat the bully at his own game. They stand up to the bully and make him realize that he is the ultimate loser and it would be better if they were all friends.
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