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It's About Ability! Youth Video Contest Filmmakers

These filmmakers produced the fourteen films that are the finalists for the It's About Ability! Youth Video Contest.

  Jon Aristu Garde
Achondroplasia is Not a Limit
15, Spain
  Shireen Sayeed Mahmoud Abozied
23, Egypt
  Abdelkader Kherbouche
Don’t Say I’m Disabled
25, Algeria
  Evelyne Hessou Sènan
Doudedji (Triumph)
23, Benin
  Yun Han
Equal Right to Dream
20, China
  Ezeria Chazanga
Ezeria Deaf and +
23, Zimbabwe
  Andrei Vieru
Getting Home from School
14, Moldova
  Fanomezanjanahary Lantoniaina Georgette
Giving a Chance
20, Madgascar
  Manon Grimault
It’s About Abilities
17, France
  Abdulkadir Ali
Shade Light
20, Kenya
  Abdul Patient
Shade Light
20, Kenya
  Gina Carbajal Mallqui
Success on Wheels
25, Peru
  Ariel Solórzano
20, Costa Rica
  Santiago Ramíreaz Vargas
22, Costa Rica
  Hehao Xu
Watching the World
15, China
  Lidwina Isidore
We Have Abilities!
18, Malaysia



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