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"It's About Ability!" Youth Video Contest Judges

Ajmal Obaid Abidy
Ajmal Obaid Abidy is the Executive Director of Aria TV, an exclusive channel for children and teenagers in Afghanistan which is devoted to promote democratic values among the young generation with the aim to create an aware, responsible and productive citizenship.
He led a nationwide civic education program for USAID and worked as media specialist for the Legal Awareness Program of the United Nations Development Program (UNDP).  In 2009, he contributed to Ashraf Ghani’s presidential campaign as spokesman and head of strategic communications.  Abidy served in the Office of Afghan President, where he facilitated a series of trainings on media, democracy, elections and human rights in Afghanistan and abroad.

Safwan Abosahmin
Safwan Abosahmin is 18-years-old  and is studying Engineering at the University of Tripoli.  He works in the news department at Libya Alahrar & Tobactos TV, producing news reports  for the Libyan television broadcast from Qatari. He recently participated in the OneMinutesJr. Libya workshop.

Abid Aslam
Abid Aslam works in the Division of Communications at UNICEF Headquarters, where he is Editor of The State of the World’s Children. He has been a journalist, news executive, policy adviser and educator in the public and private sectors.

Ineke Bakker
Ineke Baker is an artist and video maker.  She holds a BA from the Academy for Art and Design and an MFA in video and video-installation works from the Sandberg Instituut.  Her work consists of short films and video installations.  Since 2001, Ineke Bakker has been the coordinator and curator for The One Minutes video program in Amsterdam, The Netherlands.   She coordinates workshops for adult video makers and for youth through the OneMinutesJr. program.

Anna Burlyaeva
Anna Burlyaeva works in the Disability Section at UNICEF.  She received a journalism degree in Russia and worked as a TV and print journalist, covering issues of the socio-economic involvement of youth. While doing an MA in Political Science in the USA, she was an intern at the UN Department of Public Information and a communication consultant at the UN office of Women International League for Peace and Freedom.
Having worked at UNICEF in 2010, she now coordinates the Global Partnership on Children with Disabilities and supported the development of Video Orientation on Disability.

Alejandra Gaviria
Alejandra Gaviria is a student at the University of Buenos Aires and a Human Rights activist. She has been actively involved with youth participation for the last eight years. Alejandra has coordinated different projects with young people in Argentina and Colombia, related to Armed Conflict and Human Rights. Currently she is blogger in Spanish for the Voices of Youth website.

Rodrigue Koffi
27-year-old Rodrigue KOFFI has been committed to fighting HIV/AIDS since he was 13. In Côte-d’Ivoire in 2000, he co-founded N’ZRAMA (“Star”), which is one of the first NGO’s created by and focused on the needs of children and youth affected and infected by HIV. For over ten years, he has worked with his peers to promote youth self-empowerment and to give a representative voice to the “hidden face” of that pandemic.
Rodrigue currently studies Private Law, despite losing four years of schooling due to war breaking out in his country in 2000, and is today in Master 1.  He has been a Voices of Youth blogger since 2011.

Vivian Wenli Lin
Vivian Wenli Lin is a Taiwanese-American video artist, documentary filmmaker, and media educator.  She received a BA from the University of California at Berkeley, a Masters in Professional Studies at NYU’s Interactive Telecommunications Program, and an MFA from the Sandberg Instituut. She is currently a PhD candidate in Media Art at the City University of Hong Kong’s School of Creative Media.
She is the founder and co-director of Voices of Women Media,  a women’s media organization that offers multimedia workshops to marginalized communities of women, and  facilitates One Minute Junior workshops and trainings.

Lucy Meyer
Lucy Meyer is 13-years-old and attends public school in Los Angeles.  Though she has cerebral palsy, she is an active member of her school.  She is Vice President of Student Council, a member of the upper grade chorus, and participates in a host of other school activities.  She helps mentor younger children at her school who also have disabilities.
Since age 10, she has been involved with UNICEF.  For her bat mitzvah, in lieu of presents, Lucy requested that donations be made to UNICEF, raising over $16,000.  She continues to raise money for UNICEF to help children with disabilities in developing countries and  speaks at UNICEF events about her passion in supporting children with disabilities.

Michaela “Chaeli” Mycroft
Chaeli Mycroft is a strong advocate for the rights of children with disabilities in South Africa.
Chaeli was born with Cerebral Palsy and at age nine, teamed up with her sister and friends to raise money for her motorised wheelchair. The success of this small project led to the Chaeli Campaign, which, since 2004,has assisted over 3,000 children to receive wheelchairs, hearing aids, food supplements and more.
In 2011, Chaeli won the International Children’s Peace Prize, initiated and awarded by the KidsRights Foundation, for her commitment to the rights of children with disabilities.  She also received the 2012 Nobel Peace Laureates’ Medal for Activism.  Now eighteen-years-old, Chaeli is at the University of Cape Town, where she studies Politics and Philosophy.

Sen Krishneer
Sen Krishneer is a Deaf youth activist from Fiji and recipient of the World Deaf Leadership scholarship.  He is studying B.S in Information Technology at Gallaudet University, the world's only university for the deaf and hard-of-hearing students in Washington D.C, USA. In 2012, he served as an intern with UNICEF Fiji.



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