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Youth Filmmakers win 2011 OneMinutesJr. Awards

By Karen Cirillo

The OneMinutesJr. is a youth arts initiative that teaches young people how to capture their viewpoints on video. The project, run by UNICEF and its partner, The One Minutes Foundation, has been producing one-minute videos since 2002. Click here for more information about the project.

NEW YORK, USA, and Amsterdam, Netherlands, 1 February 2012 – UNICEF and the One Minutes Foundation announced today the winners of the 2011 OneMinutesJr. Awards.

VIDEO: Watch Nenneth Sakita's winning video, ‘Discrimination against women’.


Three youth filmmakers were awarded for their one-minute films: ‘Discrimination Against Women’, by 15-year-old Nenneth Sakita of Vanuatu, won the Inside-Out category. ‘Patte-à-Portrait’, by 20-year-old Lucas Julienne of Guadaloupe, won the Self-Portrait category. And ‘Cage’, by 17-year-old Ashraf Abu Ayesha of Occupied Palestinian Territory, won the One Minute of Freedom category.

Expressing ‘hard truths’

‘Discrimination Against Women’ conveys the right of women to dress and behave as they choose, not according to the dictates of others. The film shows articles of clothing and make-up disappearing and reappearing, set against the singing and music of Nenneth’s friends.

The film was produced during a UNICEF OneMinutesJr. workshop in Vanuatu in July 2011. Nenneth was inspired to make the film by an experience at the workshop.

“During the workshop, we would see this particular lady… all dressed up wearing her high heel shoes,” she explained. “Some of the participants would talk about her in a negative way in the way she dressed. However, I wanted to make a point that women had rights as well.”

The jurors chose the film “for [its] strong and emotional message told by using the extremely simple style and minimalistic resources. [The] sentimental music acts as a part of the story."

“It makes me very happy,” she said after learning she had won. “We as women need to stand strong on our rights. Men have to understand that women too have rights.”

Lucas’s whimsical ‘Patte-à-Portrait’, shows a young man’s portrait painting itself.

The jurors felt it was “a clever and humorous way to talk about yourself, or paint your portrait… Its indirectness says more than the number of words one would be able to express in a minute and leaves room for the viewer to make his or her own conclusion. It invites the audience into the narrative with an interesting approach. We think the video reflects the spirit of the person and not just one side of himself. It intrigues us – we want to meet this person!”

Ashraf’s ‘Cage’ shows the similarities between a caged pigeon and a young boy.

"This film develops in an amazing way within the limited time of a minute,” said the jurors. “It is well-made, overcomes clichés, and is truly surprising in the end. Adults always talk about child rights, but in reality the children cannot always get their rights. In today's world, this is one of the hardest truths of all."

© Lucas Julienne
An image from Lucas Julienne's winning video, 'Patte-à-Portrait'.

A wealth of films

Over 250 videos were considered. Many came from workshops conducted by UNICEF and the One Minutes Foundation; individual entries were also eligible. All videos were made by filmmakers under age 20.

Judges for the competition were Ineke Houtman, a Dutch filmmaker and television director; Raihan Ahmad, a filmmaker and former OneMinutesJr. participant and nominee; Darija Buzakovic, Director of the International Film Festival Kratkofil Plus in Bosnia-Herzegovina; Dijana Lukovac, aspiring journalist and former OneMinutesJr. participant from Montenegro; Samah Hijawi, a Jordanian cross-disciplinary artist and manager of Makan House; and Karim Shaaban, an Egyptian filmmaker, graphic designer and former OneMinutesJr. participant and awards nominee.

Other films nominated for the Inside-Out category were ‘Pacman Stole My Friends’ by Silvana Stojcic  of Bosnia and Herzogovina, ‘¿Porque no lo Piensas?’ by Ingrid Ramirez Curiel  of Mexico, ‘Vergebens (In Vain)’ by Lea Marie vom Kolke of Germany, and ‘Amen’ by Andrei of Moldova.

Films nominated for the Self-Portrait included ‘The Void’ by Nate Thurmond  of the USA, ‘O Futuro do País’ by Neiva Carlos Nuvunga  of Mozambique, ‘Les 10 Regles de Christian (Christian’s Ten Rules)’ by Christian Massillon  of Haiti, and ‘My Dream Job’ by Veselina Mayeva of Bulgaria.

Films nominated for the One Minute of Freedom category included ‘My Freedom’ by Felatiana Raharimalala of Madagascar, ‘Mother, Where are You?’ by Alena Nuyanzina of Belarus, ‘The Talking Can’ by Dick Koto of Solomon Islands, and ‘Les Droits de l’enfant (Child Rights)’ by Nickensia Merilus of Haiti.

All nominated videos  can be watched online at http://www.theoneminutesjr.org/

The OneMinutesJr. gives 12- to 20-year-old youth, especially those who are underprivileged or marginalized, the opportunity to have their voices heard and to share their ideas, dreams, fascinations, anxieties and viewpoints on the world. The OneMinutesJr. process equips the young filmmakers with the fundamental skill of self-expression that is needed to participate fully in society.



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