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ICDB 2011

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The 2011 International Children’s Day of Broadcasting took place on Sunday, 6 March 2011.  The theme was...


What does it mean to be a girl?  A boy?  Are there innate behaviours, abilities or interests that go along with being a boy or a girl?  Are there things boys or girls can’t or aren’t allowed to do because of their gender?  Do theyboth have the same opportunities in life?

Around the world, men and women have different roles in society.  Adolescence is a time of change as girls and boys shift into adulthood and are faced with fitting into gender roles. It’s important for young people to see and hear their peers expressing who they are and what being a girl or boy means to them.

The ICDB provides a platform to discover youth opinions, see their perspectives and listen to their stories.  There is no “one” answer to what it means to be a girl or boy.  When youth see others in different roles, with different dreams, it is an inspiration.

Broadcasters could create special programming for the day or package existing programming as a marathon ICDB event. UNICEF provided logos, graphics, spots and short programming to help shape and brand ICDB specials. 

The success of the ICDB hinged on the support of broadcasters and the participation of children.

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The trophy for the ICDB Award for Radio went to All India Radio.


The ICDB Award for Television went to Télévision Togolaise (TVT), who also took home the prize in 2010, for its programme "A Nouse la Planete."  The ICDB Award for Radio went to All India Radio, for its programme "Joy-Live."  ATN Bangla received a Special Mention Award for its long-standing commitment to youth and media.  Click here to visit the new ICDB Awards site and read abou the winners and nominees.

This year’s nominees come from Andorra, Bangladesh, Benin, China, India, Iran, Mexico, Nepal, South Africa, Togo and Uganda and represent the best work produced in 2011 for the International Children’s Day of Broadcasting.  The nominees each won a regional competition and now go on to compete for global honours.  All the nominees and winners were featured on a special ICDB Awards website.

The ICDB Regional Prizes for television went to ATN Bangla (Bangladesh, “Dismantling Discrimination”), C7 Sistema Jalisciense de Radio y TV (Mexico, “Rosa o Azul”), Télévision Togolaise (TVT) (Togo, “A Nous la Planete”) and Step Television (Uganda, “Cool Kids (Boys Are Girls Are).

The ICDB Regional Prizes for radio went to Ràdio SER Principat D'Andorra (“Hora L / IK+”), Office de Radiodiffusion et television du Bénin (ORTB) (“Quand les enfants prennent la parole…”), Radio Beijing Corporation (China, “We are Different, We are the Best”), All India Radio  (“Joy-Live”), Salamat Radio (Iran, “My Child”), C7 Sistema Jalisciense de Radio y TV (Mexico, “La Barra Infantil”)“, National Radio (Nepal, “Saathi Sang Manka Kura,” produced by Equal Access Nepal)  and Maputaland Community Radio Station (South Africa, “Boys Are Girls Are”).



2011 ICDB Awards website

Check out all the 2011 nominees, read about their approach to children and media and watch clips of their nominated programs.

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2011 ICDB Award TV Nominees

ATN Bangla: Dismantling of Discrimination Watch

Sistema Jalisciense de Radio y Televisión (SJRTV): Rosa y Azul Watch

Step Television: Cool Kids (Boys Are Girls Are) Watch

Télévision Togolaise (TVT): A Nous la Planete Watch

2011 ICDB Award Radio Nominees

All India Radio: Joy-Live Watch

ORTB: When Children Speak Watch

Maputaland Community Radio Station: Boys Are...Girls Are Watch

Radio Beijing Corporation: We are Different, We are the Best Watch

Radio Nepal: Sathia Sanga Mann ka Kura Watch

Ràdio SER Principat D'Andorra: IK+ Watch

Salamat Radio: My Child Watch

Sistema Jalisciense de Radio y Televisión (SJRTV): La Barra Infantil Watch

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