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ICDB Awards 2009 honour excellence in children’s broadcasting

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At the awards ceremony in New York, Citizen TV (Kenya) producer Caren Atieno Otieno receives the 2009 ICDB Award for Television.

NEW YORK, USA, 11 November 2009 – UNICEF welcomed representatives of all 12 broadcasters nominated for the 2009 International Children’s Day of Broadcasting (ICDB) Awards to New York this week to celebrate their work, partake in a seminar on children’s broadcasting and youth media, and attend the 2009 ICDB Awards ceremony.

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Attendees at the ceremony, held last night at The Modern restaurant in mid-Manhattan, came from around the world – from television and radio stations, youth media groups and non-governmental organizations. Host SuChin Pak of MTV News congratulated the broadcasters for powerfully and positively affecting young lives.

The annual awards are given to broadcasters who support ICDB, a day set aside each year to encourage young people to get involved in television and radio broadcasting. ICDB 2009 took place in March of this year under the theme, ‘Unite for Children: Tune in to Kids.’

ICDB Award for Radio
Rádio Justiça, the station of the Supreme Court of Brazil, won the global ICDB Award for Radio. Producer Madeleine Lacsko and her colleague Andrea Gramacho leapt out of their seats and tearfully hugged each other when they heard they had won.

“For us, this is absolutely huge,” Ms. Lacsko said as she received the award, adding that the UNICEF honour “will give us a free pass to many other projects that will make all the children in Brazil happy.”

Rádio Justiça’s winning programme was a 24-hour broadcast involving children from poor communities and detention centres. It incorporated interviews, diaries, music and drama in an effort to promote peace.

ICDB Award for Television
Citizen TV, a privately operated station in Kenya, won the global ICDB Award for Television. Producer Caren Atieno Otieno, who has been responsible for creating and building all the children’s programming at the station, saw the award as important symbol of support.

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Rádio Justiça (Brazil) producers Madeleine Lacsko and Andrea Gramacho celebrate winning the 2009 ICDB Award for Radio.

“It means recognition of our work,” she said. “It means that we are on the right track. It means that the world is listening, and now it’s time for my world back home to really start listening as well.”

Citizen TV’s weekly ‘Angels Café’ is an hour-long magazine show that calls itself a programme ‘about kids, for kids and by kids,’ and is presented by two youth hosts. The award-winning ICDB edition of the show raised awareness about the challenges facing Kenyan children and highlighted positive stories about young people in their communities.

Regional Award winners
All of the nominees for the global awards had won their respective ICDB Regional Award competitions, and all of them received plaques and recognition at the ceremony.

The nominees and regional winners honoured for television were: ATN Bangla (Bangladesh); Cambodia National Television; Citizen TV (Kenya); Surinaamse Televisie Journaal (Surinam); Télévision Togolaise (Togo); and Studio ‘Razom’ (Ukraine).

The nominees and regional winners honoured for radio were Rádio Justiça (Brazil); EUCHIRA (Germany); Ghana Broadcasting Corporation; All India Radio; RTM Radio TRAXXfm (Malaysia); and Maputaland Community Radio Station (South Africa).

Children’s broadcasting seminar
The nominees arrived in New York early to participate in a two-day children’s broadcasting session. The broadcasters on hand played clips of their nominated programmes, shared information about their stations and told anecdotes about their experiences in the world of media.

Three broadcast outlets brought youth hosts as their representatives.

“Talking about the issues that affect children really takes commitment,” said one of them ‘Curious Minds’ host Binta Alhassan from Ghana. “Being part of ‘Curious Minds’ has really broadened my mind.... It’s helped me be bold in expressing myself.”

‘A strong impact’
Professionals in the youth media and children’s broadcasting fields also made presentations.

© UNICEF/NYHQ2009-2026/Markisz
The 2009 ICDB Regional Award winners and nominees for the award for television.

The founder of ‘Radio Rookies’ on US National Public Radio, Marianne McCune, talked about the struggles of working with young people – including maintaining the integrity of youth voices while creating a highly professional product. And Sesame Workshop’s Mathangi Subramanian and Robert Knezevic took the audience on a tour of their international ‘Sesame Streets’, highlighting the importance of local content and production for making quality children’s programming in each country. 

The nominees were able to take inspiration from their fellow broadcasters, which should, in turn, lead to even more achievements in youth programming.

As Wolfgang Fischer of Germany noted: “It was a great honour to join all the other award winners, people with very high standards in life and great accomplishments in their professional work with children. The dedication of the people presenting their work, the demonstrated value of the projects and the intensive discussions among the nominees – and with UNICEF – left a strong impact on me.”




10 November 2009: UNICEF correspondent Natacha Ikoli reports on the 2009 International Children’s Day of Broadcasting Awards ceremony in New York.
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2009 ICDB Award winners

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