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Children of Shadows

Tape number: 392

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Type of production: Documentary

Subject: Child Protection, Child Labour

Audience: General Audience

Production year: 2001

Duration: 54 minutes

Language versions: Creole with English sub-titles and Creole with French subtitles (two versions are available)

Countries: Haiti

Producer: Karen Kramer (funded in part by UNICEF)

VHS copies of Children of Shadows are available to UNICEF offices only. Other organisations can order the film direct from the filmmaker Karen Kramer by e-mailing KKramer@childrenofshadows.com or write to: Karen Kramer, 22 Leroy Street, NYC, 10014

Summary: Children Of Shadows portrays the restavek (domestic workers) children of Haiti. The film follows the children as they go through their daily chores - the endless cycle of cooking, washing, sweeping, mopping, going to the market, going to fetch water, going to run errands, etc.  In heartbreaking interviews, the children speak openly and shyly about the lives they are forced to lead. The "aunts" (adoptive caretakers) speak openly and proudly of the vast mountain of work that "their" restavek does for them. The camera goes deep into the countryside to interview the peasant families as to what kind of situation would force them to give away one or more of their children. Several Haitian social workers and economists who have spent time with the restaveks speak of the causes and possible solutions to this situation.

Price: $200 Beta, $100 VHS

To order, note title and tape number, and complete the video productions order form.


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