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Spread the Jam

Tape number: 375

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Type of production: Animation, Educational/Classroom Resource

Subject: Child Protection, Child Rights

Audience: Child Protection, Child Rights

Production year: 2001

Duration: 13 minutes

Language versions: English, French, Spanish, International

Countries: Global

Producer: UNICEF /A Film A/S, Denmark; BRB Internacional, Spain; Cartoon Network, USA; Wal Disney Feature Animation, USA; EPIDEM ZOT, Finland, France 3, France; Funbag Animation Studios, Canada; Futura TV Brazil; Krakty Film Praha, Czech Republic; National Film Boa


Summary: Spread the Jam challenges the world to invest in children and protect their rights. Designed for viewers of all ages these animated segments depict many of the major challenges children face around the world. Each of the 14 studios has produced a different segment presenting crucial issues - such as health, nutrition, girl's education, disability and HIV/AIDS - from a child's point of view. Join us in the Global Movement for Children at www.gmfc.org.

Price: $500 Beta, $500 VHS

To order, note title and tape number, and complete the video productions order form.


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