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2009 ICDB Audio and Video Materials


The ICDB logos are available for use in broadcast, print and online publicity for the International Children's Day of Broadcasting.  Please email kcirillo@unicef.org for the materials.

Video Materials

This year, UNICEF offers a variety of youth-produced work for use in your ICDB productions.  Please email kcirillo@unicef.org for information on how to download this material, which includes:

1. Driving Alone (6.30)
Driving Alone is a film about the innocence of childhood and the great potential for creativity and imagination in children, and also about the violence and neglection inflicted on children inhibiting the development of this potential.

2. One Minutes Jr. (22:00)
Theoneminutesjr. is a project produced by UNICEF, the European Cultural Foundation and the One Minutes Foundation that allows young people to express themselves through one minute vidoes.  This collection features videos from countries around the world on the subject of children's rights.

Radio Materials

UNICEF Radio makes available many different programs for download for use on your radio station, free of charge.  UNICEF Radio Producer Michael Kavanaugh has selected these five Digital Diaries, reports from young people, to feature in our ICDB materials.

1. Digital Diaries: Tseholofelo Selufaro (5:12)
Digital Diarist Tsholofelo Selufaro speaks about child labor in Botswana.
Click here for the full story.
  Download the MP3

2. Digital Diaries: Chinyata Chimba (5:12)
Digital Diarist Chinyanta Chimba on HIV prevention in Zambia
Click here for the full story.
  Download the MP3

3. Digital Diaries:  Fatuma Roba (5:30)
Fatuma Roba reports on girls' education in Kenya's largest slum.
Click here for the full story.
  Download the MP3

4. Digital Diaries:  Fatuma Roba 2 (2:34)
One girl's story: Fatuma, 22, reports from Kenya's post-election conflict.
Click here for the full story.
  Download the MP3

5. Digital Diaries: Bernice Aukamoah (4:24)
Digital Diarist Bernice Aukamoah, 22, reports on the ‘Bikes for Ghana’ programme, which gives bicycles to children who live so far from the nearest school that it can take them over an hour to make the journey on foot.
Click here for the full story.
  Download the MP3



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