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All the Salt in China

Tape number: 378

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Type of production: Advocacy, Short Documentary, Educational/Classroom Resource

Subject: Nutrition, Health, Education

Audience: General audience

Production year: 2000

Duration: 13 minutes

Language versions: English

Countries: China

Producer: UNICEF


Summary: In this informative and revealing short programme, Dr. Ray Yip takes us to a classroom in the Gansu province where a group of children, seemingly happy and normal, show strong evidence they have grown up a good part of their lives living with iodine deficiency. As Yip shows us, every child born in an iodine deficient area suffers a substantial intelligence, or IQ loss. Travelling to a salt mine and factory we learn about the progress being made, as well as the problems China still faces, in its attempts to prevent iodine deficiency in the population.

Price: $500 Beta, $500 VHS

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